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Petrol resistent filament

by greasemonkey089

Hi everyone,
is there an easy to use, petrol resistent Filament? I own a Spitfire 1500 and because there is 5% of Ethanol in the Super-Petrol, the float in the tank became leaky and had to be changed. I'd like to know if a 3d printed float could withstand this aggressive petrol-mix.

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by TR7Dave

Welcome to the group
Hopefully a central place to find and share all things Triumph related
for novice Thingiversers like myself
If you would like to add designs to the group yourself as I can't
simply EDIT THING then near the bottom to the right SHARE IN MY GROUPS
the dropdown will show all the groups you're a member of s
select the group and save your THING
Once again welcome

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