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Tronxy x5sa keeps pushing the print bed up into the nozzle...

by FFaruq

...and it doesn't stop. I have to switch it off.

I bought this Tronxy x5sa off a friend. Was fully working. I had to replace the hotend which I did. The hardware is all fine. Just something amiss with the software, and as a total noob to 3d printing I can't work it out. Tinkering with the hardware has been easier for me. This is doing my head in.

This 'grinding' of the bed into the nozzle happens either [A] whenever I start printing a gcode I've made in cura (there must be some settings amiss but they seem fine), but [B] also happens when I select Z-offset on the printer controls. Before I can manually adjust the head/nozzle moves right round the 'outside' of the bed, then moves in and raises the bed into the nozzle, till again, I exit or manually stop it. The bed is full of big dents now and I'm pretty fed up with it all.

Hope someone can help. Much appreciated.

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G-Code to pause & change filament

by ljbrumfield

Does anyone have some G-code they can copy and paste so I can edit to pause a print to change filament? Like pause.... go home.... (I change the filament) Resume (How would I resume?)... Go somewhere and prime the new color and start printing again. I have an X5S with Marlin firmware SHORT_BUILD_VERSION "1.1.6". I use Slic3r through Repetier Host. Thanks in advance....

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CURA 4.6.1 profile/settings for TronXY X5SA?

by 3D_Piper

Does anyone have a good CURA 4.6.1 profile for X5SA?
I saw this post: https://old.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/eg01yo/tronxy_x5sa_need_help_with_cura_441_setting/
But it looks like there are some new options (see attached). Heated build volume?

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Tronxy XY-2 pro

by MrAir23

Tronxy xy2 pro printer.
set the marlin.
how to install previous firmware.
thank you

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Weak prints all of a sudden

by frierson22

I've had my Tronxy for over a year now. I've learned a lot thru trial and error and have gotten some really good prints. I use Repetier slicer. A couple of days ago I started having problems with prints falling apart. I have tried changing filament, changing setting, changing temperature, changing models. I triple checked the bed level. When none of that worked I changed the nozzle thinking for sure that it was clogged. Still no luck. I can print flat on the bed OK, (see the green broom holder pic) but anything with any kind of wall or feature that builds up off the bed doesn't stick together. My last test was to try a desk top organizer that I printed successfully with the exact same settings and temp just a couple of weeks ago and it also failed. (see gray stringy pic). I don't know what is wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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