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BL Touch on Tronxy X5SA

by jim_mcgroarty

I have a Tronxy X5SA and wanted to use glass on the bed. My standard auto-bed-leveling sensor does not sense the bed with the glass. I tried the large induction sensor which works but it makes the x-carriage as heavy as if it had the extruder motor on it. I was hoping I could use a BL touch which is much lighter. Has anyone done this if so how do I enable the function. Thanks.

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TronXY XY-2 Pro Will not print on the whole bed

by Syarnis

When I try to print something large, the X axis will stop at a certain point, well before the 255mm build plate, and make a beep like it is hitting an end stop. I have checked my Cura settings and the build plate is set for 255x255 like it should be. I am not sure what is causing this.

I do have a skirt set up, but that is set at 5mm, and the stop (both on the far end of the X and Y axis) is well below the 255mm max size.

I have attached a photo to try and show what is going on.

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firmware for tronxy x5sa

by spuhr

can anybody help me with firmware for the tronxy x5sa

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Heating failed, printer halted, please reset error

by i3xyz

I get this error only while the heated bed reached a temperature of about 72°c. I checked the connections and its fine. In older marlin firmware the bed barely reached 90°c with continuous heating but didn't give this error, the power to the bed used to be on throughout the print and still the bed would be at 85 to 88°c.
Now with Marlin 1.1.4, I'm getting this thermal runaway error.
heating failed
printer halted
please reset
Any solutions?

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Extruder motor turning wrong way.

by AA8Plus

I have a Tronxy XY2 Pro 3D Printer. It has been working well so far, but I have just updated the firmware to V1.32. Since then, my extruder motor turns the wrong way, pushing the filament out not in. Is there any fix for this? It is still under warranty, I only bought it a few days ago!
Thank you in advance.

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