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Tronxy X5SA Pro - retraction issues?

by bcorreia

Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Tronxy X5SA Pro printer with the Titan extruder. I have many other printers but none of them have a geared extruder, so i was interested to see how it performs.

Well to my disappointment, i have nothing but issues due to retraction speeds, it's just too slow!
The gear ratio is 3:1 so i attempted to multiply the retraction speed by 3 to be on par with my other bowden printers but it seems like it had no effect at all.

I manually update the chitu config with the retraction speed, but the results were the same.
I have a feeling that something else in the firmware is overriding these settings?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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TronXY XY-3 Y axis doesn't move

by Syarnis

I recently upgraded my TronXY XY-3 motherboard (the other one died) and flashed the most recent firmware, then ran a test print. Everything homed as needed and then went to the correct positions. Then a few moments into the print, the Y axis was not working (it did create a fantastic line on the X.). I have since checked the connections and everything seems to be working correctly. The bed does move when I slide it back and forth but does not work when I use the touch screen to tell it to move.

If I home the printer, the Y does not move and if I move it manually to the end stop, the Z axis will start homing.

Not sure what is going on, can anyone assist?

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BL Touch on Tronxy X5SA

by jim_mcgroarty

I have a Tronxy X5SA and wanted to use glass on the bed. My standard auto-bed-leveling sensor does not sense the bed with the glass. I tried the large induction sensor which works but it makes the x-carriage as heavy as if it had the extruder motor on it. I was hoping I could use a BL touch which is much lighter. Has anyone done this if so how do I enable the function. Thanks.

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Tronxy X5SA-2E - Controller Board

by Deltaking

Hi Everyone,

So I have a Tronxy X5SA-2E (CXY-V6-191017), the display will not switch on but the problem seems to be the controller. Been tinkering but no luck. Issue started after attempting a firmware upgrade to Marlin.

The Controller switches on but only 1 LED lights up there was 2 previously.

When I switch the PINs on the board from V5 to USB and remove the boot Pin I can connect to it via USB. When it is connected to the 3d printer and I plug the USB in I cannot connect to it with Prontorface (in either positioning of the PINs).

When I remove it from the printer I can connect to it with STM32CubeProgrammer and Arduino IDE picks it up as well so I am trying to do a restore but am failing badly. I hope someone can help me.

I can't see to figure out which pins the Arduino board need to be connected to the get it to write the Bootloader and firmware.

What I see is an 8 pin socket which I assume is the only place you can connect the Arduino board but when i look at the back of the controller at the 8 pin socket it says WIFI so I'm not sure I can connect an Arduino to this board to resolve the problem.

#Tronxy X5SA
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Tronxy X5SA

by Workington_Leigh

I need to know, is it me?

My first 3D printer, Anycubic Mega - The Mainboard overheated become unstable and could not get parts for it.
My second 3D printer a Creality Ender 3 Pro - Has just sat there as, has never worked, will not level what ever I do so unusable.
So, I bought a third 3D printer a Tronxy X5SA Pro. Brilliant for the first two to three weeks, since then it has sat there unusable. It will not level, I have had to buy a new glass bed, which does not work with the auto-levelling system, so I bought two magnetic beds to print on. I have replaced the hotend as the orginal one broke, and I have replaced the auto leveller. The printer heats the hotend up and the bed up with no issues, but no PLA appears when I try and print anything. Without spending more and more money on these printers, what is the answer, apart from the local dump and writing off approx £1000. Can someone please maybe advise me. I have tried speaking to Creality and Tronxy and never get a response.

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