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X5S-2E - can you add Auto Bed Level

by The_Enforcer

I am thinking about getting the X5S-2E as I like that it does dual extruding.
It doesnt have auto bed levelliing though - but can that be added to the board?
Likewise with WIFI - although Im not likely to use it, can it be added?


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Gapping in the walls, top and bottom layers

by drmcland

Gapping in the walls, top and bottom layers
Instead of printing the wall against the outside skin is gaps
See Image,

The same is true for top and bottoms

TronXY 5S - Repetier Software -
Stock Hot End

Temp 210
Bed 50
Speed 30
Nozzle .4
Filament size 1.75

Any thoughts or Ideas

PS. Does this in CURA too

Bad Printing Gapping repetier Seperation TronXY 5S TronyXY
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Extruder Temp Issue

by jake2475

Hey guys i just recetly strated having an issue with my tronxy p802ma with an e3dv6 clone hot end. Whn i set the hot end temp to 250 it will flucuate from 239-252 same if i set it to 200 it goes from 194-204. I have ran the PID autotune and this just started randomly i hadnt chnaged anything just started one day. Any advice is appreciated.


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Extruder Issue

by SpaceCorp

Does anyone know what the problem is when the extruder motor keeps popping backwards ?

Temp is 210-215 so plastic should be melted enough to flow easily.
I keep thinking it is getting stuck due to plastic being too cold.

~ Logan

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TronXY 5S - Bad Print on Test Cube

by drmcland

During test cube print - 2 sides are bad 2 are smooth

I have tightened the belts

slowed the travel speed down to 70

print speed is 30

Flow 100%

Fan Always On

print @ 215 PLA
Bed 50

Any ideas on what I should check next?

See Image

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