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Tronxy x5sa no usb connection

by mennix

Hi there
i have a new xs5a but i cant connect the usb with simplify
i have the firmware v1.4.1RC14 in printers it is defined as ramps on com 8
but no connection

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New x5sa computer not working

by hmaynard

I finished the x5sa build, powered it on, only to have the computer not function. On power up, it gives a few beeps, and then displays the message "Error! File is not existed or empty!"

It doesn't matter whether I have a SDMicro card inserted or not. I've checked the wiring, and it seems ok. I've written to GearBest and Tronxy, but no response yet (after 3 days). I asked to join the Facebook Tronxy group (Tronxy X3, X1, X5 3D Printer Users (All models)), but haven't been accepted, yet.

The board is a Tronxy CXY-U5-180409.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!

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Tronxy xy-100 not working after assembly?


I just got my tronxy xy-100 built it, wired it up, and plugged in the power and
all i get is a blue flashing screen and the power supply blinks same as the screen.

i unhooked all wires, rehooked them back up and i'ts still doing the same.
I can add a video if needed. What could be the cause? bad power supply?

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simplify3d ? crc missmatch


I have a hit and miss communication issue crc miss match connection fail....... is there an easier way / Or the right way would be NICE Please!

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Not Hot Enough

by Itoodummy

So my tronxy X5SA hovers around 190 when printing when i tell it to print at 205. What's happening? Thanks.

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