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upgrading firmwear

by thefist

ok i have i have not had much luck with up grading firm wear I just realy need a good config file I flashed boot loader on got all the driver working and even all steppers and heated bed lcd but i cant figure out config my home is messed up and when print it print 10 mm above my bed so that not going to work. I have two of these printer and one is working amazing and the other well it make plastic string.

Firmware marlin_firmware z stop
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Firmware upgrade

by Bongmaster

Hi i am looking to upgrade the stock firmware on my p802-m from the flammable 0.9x to one with thermal runaway protection.
I have been looking for a specific firmware for it but have only found the repetier files that have to be configured and i get completely lost in there.
Does anyone know where i can find a ready to go firmware for this machine, or how to configure one for flashing. also how do i backup my current firmware in case of problems, i dont fancy bricking my printer.

thanks :)

Firmware repetier_firmware
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Negative cable

by Scas678

My machine has been running basically non stop for a few days. But today, I can home to a stopped print. Everything was on, but it looked like a system reset. Turns out, the negative cable from the psu to the main board started melting. The mechanic in me tells me that it’s a bad connection, and if I replace the connector I’ll be good. Boards not burned, and even began another print till I started smelling burning. Is the psu good also?

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Y Axis lead screw

by daveian

Hi, although I've have the P802-M printer for a while now this is the first time on the forum so Hello. I've just fitted a screw to the Y axis of the printer. The motor is Nema 17 with integrated screw. Everything is lined up and all moves freely, I have adjusted the steps/mm and the movement is now accurate. The problem is it keeps loosing steps after printing around 5 layers, also when homing the Y axis it appears to stop several time whilst moving towards the sensor. I have reduced the acceleration down to around 300 ( the default was 3000), I have also reduced the jerk setting down to 7 (default 20). I know there is a lot more inertia in the screw than there was in the belt but the reduction in acceleration should balance that out.Has anybody done this successfully, is any advise would be welcome.

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stepper motors

by The_Great_Dano

Im building my backup extruder and the pin out for the motor is different. does any one know the pin out for the TronXY steppers?

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