TronXY X1 and heat bed

Heated_Bed problem TronXY_X1

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I got myself a heat bed from geeetech that fits nicely.
But now I do not know how to enable it :-(
Does the stock firmware support heat beds? Any one tried yet successfully?

Thanks a lot,

Update 1

As it looks right now, the idea with dedicated PSUs does not work out as expected. The cheap chinese S-60-12 (12V/5A/60W) is not capable to power the printer. Luckily the other PSU has 20A and with a manual test I could power both printer and heated bed.

Today I could extract the firmware and eeprom config from the melzi board with the help of http://tronxy-x3a.blogspot.com/2017/06/updating-my-firmware.html.
Basically it comes down to using USBasp and avrdude. If there is any interest I can give more info and upload the hex files and the batch file.

I also could compile successfully the firmware pointed to by ahull (thanks!!!) with arduino IDE 1.8.5 (repetier 0.92.6).

Next steps are now

  • to get the bootloader installed and flashing the new firmware and
  • installing fuses for heated bed and the printer. For the fuses I opted for car fuses with fuse holders from china. Looks promising.
  • identify thermal sensor type on heated bed (100k at room temp but no temperature curve yet).

Thanks for all the input so far, I'll keep you posted :-)

Update 2

Seems like I managed to adapt Dennis Timmermann's Configuration.h so that it gives nearly identical (4 missing items + different temperature tables due to recalculation and not exact extraction) results when uploaded to the "Repetier-Firmware configuration tool for version 0.92.9 version" (https://www.repetier.com/firmware/v092/) and downloaded again (Needed to sync the JSON structure at the end). Find it in the attachments.

Configuration items I could not locate in the GUI are

  • zEndstopBackMove
  • zHomeXPos
  • zHomeYPos
  • zHomeHeatAll

If anyone knows where to find these settings in the config UI and what they are doing, please let me know. Maybe these are not important.

So with this sync it should be getting much easier to upgrade to a v1 of repetier in the future.

Remark: Heated bed obviously not enabled in the config.

Update 3

I managed to make a temperature sweep and measure voltage on the thermistor of the extruder for later reference.
Find the excel attached.

Anyone got an idea which type/brand of thermistor is used in the stock TronXY X1?

Unfortunately, the heated bed is disabled by default in the Tronxy X1 frimware. I have reflashed my X1 with a custom Marlin config in order to enable it. It can be found here: https://github.com/fysfys/Tronxy
If you decide to go this route, I'd suggest using my config only as a basis to make your own config for the current version of Marlin. Ofcourse, I will try to answer any questions you might have about going this route.

Another option is to download the firmware for the X3 from gearbest and flash that version on the X1. although this is not the ideal solution, it is an easy one.

I hope this has answered your question,

Thanks a lot! This IS a starting point.
Actually I already compiled Repetier (I suppose Marlin is the better way with your config now) as a test (worked nicely) but then was not sure how to proceed.
I'd like to have a backup of the stock firmware first - just in case. How to do this? I have access to USBASP but what tools to use?
And how to get the new firmware onto the melzi? Flash the Arduino bootloader first? Is it compatible with 1284P chips?
I don't want to brick the printer ...

So I currently need to get confident on backup and flashing other firmware :-)


I would also suggest that you drive the heated bed from an external mosfet board designed for this purpose and readily available for not much on ebay, rather than driving it directly from the tronxy's melzi board, and use an additional supply for it, since the melzi board and the power supply that ship with the X1 may not be robust enough to drive the heated bed. They may work initially, but give up the ghost after a while due to the extra current needed to drive the heated bed.

Thanks for the hint!
I already got me two PSUs. A 12V/20A for the hotbed in addition to one of the cheap MOSFET boards (actually I first wanted to go with a DC-SSR) and a 12V/5A PSU for the printer + hotbed. So I hope, power wise I am on the safe side now :-)

Hi. I'm in the same boat.... Looking forward to your progress.
I have fitted a 24V bed heater to my Tronxy X1 and a separate 24V power brick for it. I also fitted a DC-SSR inside the control box hooked to the Melzi bed output.
BTW, the Melzie has a MOSFET already fitted for a bed heater. If you go the 12V route, you should be able to just use that with a decet power supply.
Anyway, could you please let me know how you go with the Repetier firmware. I've fiddled with it as far as I could, but then chickened out because I couldn't find anything about programming the push buttons or the display menu of the Melzi controller. Somehow you have to be able to add the bed temp readout, switch the bed off, etc. to the menu, and be sure the buttons still do what they were meant to...
I really don't understand the bootloader issue at all. Surely there is a bootloader in there to make it boot now?
Could someone explain that process to me, please?

Updating the firmware, and a bunch of other stuff is here -> https://www.reprap.org/wiki/Melzi
However the usual caveats apply. I haven't verified this will work (but it should), and if you brick the thing, you are responsible, not me.
Having said all that, the process looks fairly obvious.

EDIT: That page also shows you how to add a bluetooth console. There is somewhere on the vast pot of random information called the internet, a similar set of instructions to add an ESP8266 (or perhaps it was an ESP32) board to give you direct WiFi access, or you could use a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint/OctoPi (which is the route I went down).More info here -> https://octoprint.org/

EDIT2: If you do accidentally let the smoke out, the board is not eye-wateringly expensive (about 20 GBP currently)
.. but obviously take care not to fry the thing. Let us know how you get on.

If you would happen to brick the melzi and are handy with reflowing and precision soldering, it is possible to fix the melzi board for under a couple of bucks!

In response to the factory firmware: in the X1 facebook group, a copy has been uploaded which was extracted from the processor itself. unfortunately, Tronxy has not yet released their factory HEX or config file so i guess you'll have to trust your own ability :p
(i had a lot of doubt about this as well but it all went very smoothly en having an arduino bootloader on there makes updating or changing the firmware very easy. in the end I decided to take the guess and never regretted it!)

I did spot an attempt to produce a new firmware for the Tronxy X1 here -> https://github.com/dennistimmermann/tronxy-x1_repetier
I'm not sure how complete it is, but when I get some spare time, I intend to take a look.
If any of you get the opportunity before me, let me know how you get on.

Find some info on my findings to reproduce the configuration in https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/tronxy-x1/forums/general/topic:31507#comment-2078389.
Firmware compiles nicely in Arduino IDE 1.8.5.

I compiled yours...stock pretty much except changed MAX JERK to 5, and changed the display to say X1 only
I compiled on Arduino IDE 1.8.6
Don't need to change bootloader...it's already on the board