Tronxy X1 Facebook group

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Hi all,

I'm the admin of the Tronxy X1 Facebook group, with currently over 1200 members.

If you need some quick support or want to show off your crazy modifications, feel free to come check us out!

The address is https://www.facebook.com/groups/TronxyX1/

I have contacted you via fb but you did not reply.

What makes you think its ok to self promote on my group without even asking if its ok?

I have not seen contact yet. Feel free to delete this then, but this group seems fairly inactive right now and I suppose its for the best of all of us to have places to gather right?

Its not like I make profit from this lol.

We have talk trought thee fb, its ok. I was pretty sure thingiverse would show contact to group admin.

And the group is moe active than I would expect to be honest.

Anyway, let it be here. :D