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Has anyone updated their machine to 1.1.9 yet?

by Ilslaoaycd

I wan't to update my machine because I have a few bugs in my current firmware. I don't know anything about C++ and I can't wrap my head around configuration in the marlin program. I'm hoping I can get some tips from someone who has already gone out of their way to do it. Thanks!

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by nvoort01

Okay everyone, I have spent the past week doing all the homework I can on the X5S. I just ordered the X5S-400 from GB. It would be incredible to get some advice from this group to help make it smoother to get it running well. I already have a stock CR-10 but I really want to make this X5S into a beast of a printer. The current upgrades I have planned are listed below, please provide any advice if applicable.

1) I am well aware of the heated bed problem. I ordered a 24V power supply that takes 110 or 220V input and spits out 12V 20A. I also ordered the recommended mosfet. I have seen several different opinions on how to best install these parts. Currently my plan is to dedicate the power source to the bed. Any recommendations or links to detailed installations would be awesome. Here is the link to the power source: https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printer-parts/pp_540281.html?wid=1433363

2) I ordered an V6 J-head Extruder (1.75mm) Volcano Block Long Distance Nozzle kit as well. I have not read much about this being a problem to install.

3) I am also well aware of the belt alignment issues. As soon as possible I will be printing the upgraded mounts and ordered a nice GT2 5m belt to replace the apparently crummy stock one. I also got a handful of springs to keep the belt nice a tight for high speeds.

4) I ordered several aluminum heat sinks for the motors

5) I ordered a TEVO Titan Extruder kit. I have not read anything about this except that it is a very good upgrade.

6) I plan on enclosing the printer as well as adding an exhaust fan + HEPA filter

7) I will also be sure to spend plenty of time reinforcing the frame

This is the extent of the upgrades I plan to immediately making. ANY advice on these steps is very much appreciated even if it is just a link that I can follow for help.

I very much want to run an auto-level inductance sensor on this machine as well as octoprint. However after many hours of research I am just as confused as when I started. Something about updating the firmware to Marlin? Seems like an 8mm inductance sensor works great even with glass but I need to wire up a few resistors? But with the X5S I need to change the software or something? I would really like some pointers on how to make these two upgrades work. I have zero experience with making these changes within a printer so do not be afraid to dumb things down.

Thank you all in advance.

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Customize 3d marlin 1.1.8 firmware Heating Error

by Ilslaoaycd

So I updated my firmware to the Customize 3d 1.1.8 bug fix firmware and I am getting a heating error. The one who wrote the instructions said it might do that and he put up a fixed version. That didn't really fix any problems I had. I know I don't actually have a runaway heating problem. But I can't find the subdomain of Customize 3d that I got it from so I am stuck an I really am itching to print something so help?
Thanks, ilsloaoycd

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Printing over USB

by tunnelplan

We Now carry the full line of modules for this control board.
Expandable modules:WIFI module, SD card slot module, USB driver module, micro-power continued to play module.

Where can I find the expandable modules for the Troxy X5SA ?

I want to print over USB.

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Marlin 1.1.9

by jpnurro

There is a new release which includes dedicated Configuration.h for the X5S as well.
Though, my display gets meshed up with this one. The text is barely visible with random pixels blinking.

Any ideas for tuning up.

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