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Printing over USB

by tunnelplan

We Now carry the full line of modules for this control board.
Expandable modules:WIFI module, SD card slot module, USB driver module, micro-power continued to play module.

Where can I find the expandable modules for the Troxy X5SA ?

I want to print over USB.

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Marlin 1.1.9

by jpnurro

There is a new release which includes dedicated Configuration.h for the X5S as well.
Though, my display gets meshed up with this one. The text is barely visible with random pixels blinking.

Any ideas for tuning up.

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Tested the stepper smoothers

by jpnurro

Printed 20mm sphere. There is a slide 'salmon skin (circles)' artifacts on the sides of the sphere but not on the front/back.
As a symmetric XY-design I'd expect to have similar artifacts (if any) on the front/back side of the sphere as well.

I got two 8 diode stepper smoothers.Adding the smoothers for X&Y made no change (the basis board).

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Fire suppression

by BG32940

I'm looking for some ideas on what people are using for fire suppression, if any. I'm up to 4 printers now and a host of other electronics in my office and as a new father, I need to take more precautions than just throwing safety to the wind. Thankfully, I have yet to have any of my printers catch fire but that's something I can't always count on.

Let me know what you use. I'm guessing at least an electrical rated point and spray fire extinguisher, but are any of you using any type of automated or more sophisticated system like a fire rated drop enclosure with integrated halon system or a stand-by monkey with a hammer?



Fire Suppression Monkey with a hammer Safety
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Thank you!

by malakid

I just remembered that I owe you guys a big thank you for your advice and support when I was putting my X5S together. After a lot of tweaking it now prints better than either my Monoprice Select Mini V2 and my Qidi Tech 1! I have a 24v power supply ready to put in. It's turned down to 20v. I may test it today. Also, I'm going to replace the Y axis carriage with these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2599479


Tronxy x5s Y carriage with excentric nut
by joar
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