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by SpaceCorp

We're posting necessary upgrades on this Group because Tronxy sends you this Printer in a state where it is barely usable.


We do recommend the "Anycubic I3 Mega", it has not let us down 20 prints in right out of the box and not one issue.
The accuracy is Amazing.

~ SpaceCorp Innovative Technologies, CEO

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Cura Profile?

by Sinan_SA

Did any one has Cura profile for Tronxy X5S-2E? I didn't get it works with dual extrusion!

I guess my problem is on the retraction setup! When it change from E0 to E1 the filament get stuck (clogging issue) in the heat throat.
Also stringing issues when i print with single extruder (PLA, 200 °C )

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Slicer Software Settings

by SpaceCorp

We will soon be sharing our settings for Slic3r Software...

Coming Soon,

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A Must Get, Upgrade !

by SpaceCorp

If you own this printer, Do yourself a favor and upgrade the base plate :


After installing this, this printer is a completely different animal !!

~ Reece

PS: Don't forget to re-level ! (use a piece of paper for clearance check)

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Repetier 64-2.1.3 Settings

by SpaceCorp

Anyone want to share their settings for this printer ?

Please reply with settings...

settings X5S-2E
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