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Dual extruder for X5S

by ljbrumfield

I'm ready to get a dual extruder. I'm looking for something economical that will utilize the existing screen. I have one of the first generation X5S's with the CXY V2 control board without the auto bed level. What would be a good replacement control board with an extra stepper driver that would work well with my existing setup and what is a good dual extruder to get? I want to mount the extruder to the stock tronxy aluminum plate and I will hang the extruder stepper motor next to the existing one on my overhead extruder mount.

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My Tronxy X5S has lot of problems.

by Ege_Irmak

My layers does not stick together.
My printer grinds my filament.
Extruder clogged everytime I tried to print something.
There is a problem with my Z-Axis and everytime at the same height layers stop sticking. ( Worse than normal)

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Dual Z axis on SKR 1.3

by Gnattycole

Not sure if anyone has successfully cracked this but I'm trying to set up a dual Z drive using the E1 port as a Z2 stepper driver. It seems to be driving ok apart from the steps per unit seem to be out. i.e. one of the motors is turning further than the other per demanded distance and the bed goes out of true.
I think it's because it is picking up the steps per unit from the E0 which on my config is 500 as opposed to 400 for the Z (X,Y,Z, E0 {80,80,400,500} I tried adding the E1 value of 400 but got a compile error stating Too many values for default axis steps, had I enabled DISTINCT_E_FACTORS. I did enable it but the error message persisted each time I attempted to compile. Also, when I run a M122 command in Pronerface, it doesn't report the 5th stepper driver which is a TMC2208 V3.0 un UART mode. (They all are). Not sure if it's supposed to when dual z axis is enabled in config_adv.h but I don't think I've missed any other settings.
This is frustrating as it's so close to working now. I wanted to enable the dual axis so the bed would home flat using the ABL probe. I've got an 8mm aluminium plate fitted for a heat bed so it tends to drop unevenly once the steppers are disabled.
Any info appreciated folks.

dual z marlin 2.0 SKR tronxy x5s
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HI all

by silvatech

Got a new X5SA coming (the newer 2019 version) , I was going to custom build one, but for sale price of $220 bucks you just cant beat it. Plan to get the SKR1.3 for it and few other things planned.

Has anyone had any luck with direct extrusion?

Thanks in advance =).

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