Tronxy X5S Problems after different layers

problem tronxy_X5S

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Hay Guys,
I got a Problem with my Printer. I hope someone of you can help me...
The warpage you can see is a problem with my bed, because it is to high in the middle (See Picture), i want to build something to pull it done... but mostly i don't have this problem. I'm also using the BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR.

But my actual Problem is that it stops printing well after some layers... (the tower should also be higher)

also i added my cura settings.
Last week it prints very well and also larger objects.
i also tried to print slower but that isn't working... now i print with 80mm/s.

I print with Octoprint which works really well for me :)

Maybe one of you have some advice for me?

thank you :)

To be honest, the bed plate that came with my printer was damaged on arrival. It looked like it had been dropped on its front left corner. The bolt hole was crushed in and the corner bent up by around 5mm. Having tried to deal with both Gearbest and TronXY, i went to a local fab shop and picked up a 6mm thick aluminium plate and cut it to 330 mm. I've stuck a 240 volt silicone heater and insulation to underside as the stock heater is utter crap at 12 volts. It has some serious rigidity and is only really let down now by the flimsy bed mounting frame. This also takes the current load from the PSU and the control board.
Check out "Chris Basement" on you-tube with the issues he had with the stock control card and it sounds similar. He replaced the board but I'm thinking it's probably more to do with voltage spikes with the hot bed cutting in and out or there is a dry joint on the board. It causes the control board to reboot and is usually a fair way into the print and when nobody is around to witness it.
Ref the bed plate, I would say you could trim a lot of that out by adjusting the leveling screws. Try tightening the centre pair and the front right needs to be slackened off to bring up that corner. You could model some wedges or fit stronger springs to overcome the bend in the bed. It'll never be a billiard table but you should be able to get it within a few tenths of a mm.

Thank you for your quick reply :)
My Bed has it's high points from the left to the right site in the middle, so there are no screws to tighten it down...
The left front should be a little bit slackend. (The view of the mesh is from Front)
And normally i don't have any problems with warping, so it's not a important problem, but thank you very much for your advice.
I just have my heatbed at 40°C, so the 12V are enough, i'm there in 6 minutes or so. It doesn't matter how long it takes for me ;)

Also i got some mosfets as a gift with my Tronxy, so the load is not on the board.

Now I'm logging the Serial communication between the board and my Octoprint and by a test i see the reboot of the Tronxy in log file.
So if it now makes this problem while printing i can check the log.

Later i will check Chris Basement. Did you replace your board? If yes, which one did you choose?

There was nothing in the Serial Log. So i think the board don't make a reboot.
Than i tried to disable the retract and it worked (See picture). So i think it's maybe a problem in my nozzle where the filament sticks sometimes. So i checked my nozzle and found out that it has no guiding chamfers (new ones are ordered)

Have you check your heat bed with a steel ruler? It is mostly a mistake that the heating bed in the middle is crooked at the X5s! Did you screw the 4 steel rods up and down ??? Then take the screws below away and the heating bed is even straighter !! You pull down the 2020 profile in the middle with the screws and it seems as if the heating bed in the middle is too high. Check, success

Yes i checked the heat bed with a steel ruler, but not the 2020 profile. And you are right the 2020 was a little bit bend down and my bed is really a little bit crooked. But with your tip i removed the screws below the steel rods and now the 2020 is straighter also the bed a little bit.
before removing the screws i had a difference from Min and Max of 0,95mm. and now it's down to 0,55

Maybe i should put some heavy objects in the middle of the bed to bend it down? i can't straighten it by hand...

I had the same problem. Check the 2020 profile again, if its still bent down, put a thicker washer between the rods and upper 2020 profil to straighten them, If the profil bents up, thighten down the screws on the bottom of the rods to pull the upper profile a litte bit down.

@Bluppi use a mirror on top and the sticker above, success