Printer hangs at "E1 heating..."

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Hi all. I bought a used Tronxy X5S and I am having some issues getting it to print.

The previous owner has upgraded the hotbed with a MOSFET and a 24v power supply and removed the second cooling fan on the print head. Other than that, everything appears stock.

The printer will hang at "E1 heating..."

As far as I can tell, this will go on indefinitely. I let it go for 50 minutes. The LCD readout shows the bed heating, then the hotend going to target temp, but then nothing happens. The bed and hotend just stay at the target temp. I can move the axis manually via the board.

I'm slicing with Cura 4.4, and I've tried my own gcode, as well as what I assume were previous successful prints that were existing on the SD card with the same issue.

I upgraded the Firmware to 1.1.8 hoping that would fix the issue but it does not seem to have any effect.

The only thing I can think of is that the side fan has been removed and the circuit is open, but unplugging or jumping the wires together doesn't seem to have any effect.

Has anyone had this issue before? I am at a loss for how to even diagnose this issue, let alone fix it.

Thanks for reading!

For decent print quality you need a parts cooling fan and duct. Also on my X5S I put an E3d V6 and Bontech dual drive extruder (clones). And I put linear rails on x any y. I"m getting very nice prints.

And if you are using the Tronxy "buildtach" sheet on the bed and have the nozzle at the right distance for a good first layer, then for PLA you can set bed temp to 0. It's sticks great as long as the bed is leveled and the nozzle is close enough on the first layer. No point running a hot bed if you don't need it.

The missing part cooling fan isn't an issue.

Does the nozzle get hot? "E1" is Extruder 1. if it doesn't, check the wiring for the heater cartridge. It'll be red.

If the wiring looks ok, you might need a new heater cartridge. Don't worry, they're cheap. You can get a bag of 5 of them for less than $10 if you hava amazon prime for example.

Thanks for your help.

The Problem was actually with the PID tuning. The hotend was heating up, but had such a fluctuation in temperature that it could not move to printing stage.

Figures I find the answer after I have given up and asked for help. :D

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