HI all

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Got a new X5SA coming (the newer 2019 version) , I was going to custom build one, but for sale price of $220 bucks you just cant beat it. Plan to get the SKR1.3 for it and few other things planned.

Has anyone had any luck with direct extrusion?

Thanks in advance =).

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Well I well check the one that comes with the TronXY, but generally speaking the controllers that come with most printers are garbage. Although I notice this one is 32 bit I doubt the step drivers are decent. So I noramlly use an SKR 1.3 with 2208 UART drivers.

Looks like they still have a couple left.

You select the option for the ones coming out of the USA.

interested idea what you did their, ive though of doing something similar to my ender5 . Trick to direct extrusion is a light step motor and a light extruder if your going to do it. Otherwise it adds alot of weight like you said. Course its still weight either way.

Thanks for the link I am going look at that later in more detail.

305 USD now which is way over priced.