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Marley firmware for Tronxy XY2

by MrAir23

Who has basic marlin firmware for printer Tronxy XY2 ?

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Weak prints all of a sudden

by frierson22

I've had my Tronxy for over a year now. I've learned a lot thru trial and error and have gotten some really good prints. I use Repetier slicer. A couple of days ago I started having problems with prints falling apart. I have tried changing filament, changing setting, changing temperature, changing models. I triple checked the bed level. When none of that worked I changed the nozzle thinking for sure that it was clogged. Still no luck. I can print flat on the bed OK, (see the green broom holder pic) but anything with any kind of wall or feature that builds up off the bed doesn't stick together. My last test was to try a desk top organizer that I printed successfully with the exact same settings and temp just a couple of weeks ago and it also failed. (see gray stringy pic). I don't know what is wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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problème lors de l'impression

by louisrsk

Bonjour, j'ai donc une tronxy XY2 depuis quelques mois et elle fonctionnait plutôt bien. Mais d'un coup lorsque je lui demande d'imprimer une pièce l'impression démarre et pour une raison que j'ignore, l'extraction de matière s'accélère et tout ce bloque alors que le pourcentage d'avancement lui augmente très rapidement même beaucoup trop.

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Cura profile

by Matthew0232

Hi I just bought my second 3D printer and it’s a Tronxy xy-2 and I was wandering what is the best profile I should use in cura

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Got my new Tronxy XY-2

by prodocik
3d printer assebling tronxy tronxy xy-2
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