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Need serious help could be software

by redx88

I am a 100% noob when it comes to 3d printers i put together my Tronxy X5SA and thought i could print instantly, but the auto lever keep putting the values in negative numbers no matter how tight or how loose the screws are and that one number stay at 0 no matter what. The extruder went into the hot bed i think because i didn't know if the screws were too loose or what the sensor is working i did the metal test and is aligned well with the extruder i just don't know what to. Please Help!!! If there is a way I can pay you I will. I'm ready to start a hobby.

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firmware for tronxy x5sa

by spuhr

can anybody help me with firmware for the tronxy x5sa

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TronXY XY-3 Endstop for X and Y not working, Z appears to work

by Syarnis

I have a TronXY XY-3 and recently the motherboard decided it needed to go to the big silicon valley in the sky. So I purchased a new one and installed it. Everything seemed fine, until I went to home everything. The hot end presses against the X axis end-stop and begins grinding more than a clubber during a Cardi B song.

I tested each end-stop by pressing it and heard a beep from the X, nothing from the Y and a beep from the Z. When I move each axis and press on the X end stop, the hot end keeps moving. If I press the Y, the bed keeps moving. If I press the Z, the head stops moving. I did use the move function to move the Y axis to the end stop and it grinds there after it presses the little toggle, there was a beep at that time.

I have checked each connection on the motherboard and the wiring to make sure that everything is secure, and it is. I have also made sure the connections are plugged into the proper ports (I did this initially by unplugging each wire and plugging it into the corresponding port on the motherboard).

I am not sure if there needs to be something in the gcode, firmware, or whatnot. In fact, I am not too smart when it comes to these things, but follow directions from various tutorials very well. So, I can learn.

I also updated the firmware today before trying to home the unit.

If you need any information, please tell me what I need to add to this topic and tell me how to get it so I can post it.

Help me Thingiverse Community. You are my only hope.

endstop Help X-Endstop Y-Endstop
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CURA 4.6.1 profile/settings for TronXY X5SA?

by 3D_Piper

Does anyone have a good CURA 4.6.1 profile for X5SA?
I saw this post: https://old.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/eg01yo/tronxy_x5sa_need_help_with_cura_441_setting/
But it looks like there are some new options (see attached). Heated build volume?

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Tronxy x5sa keeps pushing the print bed up into the nozzle...

by FFaruq

...and it doesn't stop. I have to switch it off.

I bought this Tronxy x5sa off a friend. Was fully working. I had to replace the hotend which I did. The hardware is all fine. Just something amiss with the software, and as a total noob to 3d printing I can't work it out. Tinkering with the hardware has been easier for me. This is doing my head in.

This 'grinding' of the bed into the nozzle happens either [A] whenever I start printing a gcode I've made in cura (there must be some settings amiss but they seem fine), but [B] also happens when I select Z-offset on the printer controls. Before I can manually adjust the head/nozzle moves right round the 'outside' of the bed, then moves in and raises the bed into the nozzle, till again, I exit or manually stop it. The bed is full of big dents now and I'm pretty fed up with it all.

Hope someone can help. Much appreciated.

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