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Tronxy wifi module

by Ritzzz89

I bought the wifi module directly from tronxy and it never came with the firmware. Am I s.o.l? Or does someone have it? I emailed them but getting a response is like winning the lottery.

Redrabbit TRONXY Tronxy xy-2 pro Wifi
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TRONXY XY-2 PRO problem with auto-leveling sensor

by KarloDelPontiac

Hi, I've only had this printer for a couple of days and already have a problem with auto-leveling, or a sensor for it. Initially, I used auto-leveling 20 times, trying to get all values ​​below 0.8 after calibration, but with a flexible, black print pad, it didn't quite work. In the end, I came close to the 0.8 limit, as far as TRONXY allows and printed 3 things to try. The next day, I started doing auto-leveling again, but the process was going bad and even damaged the print pad. It happened that the hotend with the sensor was down, but the sensor did not detect that it was close and should stop (the red light did not light) and the hotend just kept going down, distorting the aluminum bed in which the heater was located. This can be seen nicely in the video I put in. The sensor itself works because when I approach a piece of iron plate, it detects it and the red light on the sensor lights up. I realized that it was an inductive sensor and was responsive to metal, but I didn't understand how it worked on an aluminum bed because it's not iron. Also, with manual leveling, the lights on the sensor light on the left side of the bed and not on the right. I also understood why: on the left side, the sensor goes just above the left screws that secure the heated panel (2 screws out of 4 in total), and on the right side the sensor goes slightly beyond the heads of those screws and the aluminum plate alone is not enough to react to it. her. He may be responding to a heater in it, I don't know, but it doesn't always work well. What I know has happened to me numerous times, both with a cold bed and a heated bed. I already wanted to drop everything and throw it in the trash, but out of curiosity I tried out and found that the black, flexible print pad was very disruptive to the auto-leveling sensor. When this pad is gone, auto-leveling works great, but with the print pad, I never know if auto-leveling will be done properly or will it hit the heated bed again and distort it. It's amazing to me that TRONXY, as a manufacturer, has released a printer that has such a problem. Am I doing something wrong or is it happening to others?
Video with error: https://youtu.be/peOo_aEbeY0

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Marlin on Tronxy X5SA, Extruder unstable

by Nalorokk

Flashed marlin on tronxy, it is somewhat working, but extruder is unstable, it sometimes does little "click" after what it seems completly powered off untill reboot of printer. Is there any solution?

It works completely fine on stock china fw

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Tronxy X5SA Pro - retraction issues?

by bcorreia

Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Tronxy X5SA Pro printer with the Titan extruder. I have many other printers but none of them have a geared extruder, so i was interested to see how it performs.

Well to my disappointment, i have nothing but issues due to retraction speeds, it's just too slow!
The gear ratio is 3:1 so i attempted to multiply the retraction speed by 3 to be on par with my other bowden printers but it seems like it had no effect at all.

I manually update the chitu config with the retraction speed, but the results were the same.
I have a feeling that something else in the firmware is overriding these settings?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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TronXY XY-3 Y axis doesn't move

by Syarnis

I recently upgraded my TronXY XY-3 motherboard (the other one died) and flashed the most recent firmware, then ran a test print. Everything homed as needed and then went to the correct positions. Then a few moments into the print, the Y axis was not working (it did create a fantastic line on the X.). I have since checked the connections and everything seems to be working correctly. The bed does move when I slide it back and forth but does not work when I use the touch screen to tell it to move.

If I home the printer, the Y does not move and if I move it manually to the end stop, the Z axis will start homing.

Not sure what is going on, can anyone assist?

stepper_motor TRONXY TronXY_XY3 Y-Axis
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