Tronxy XY-100

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Just to share some upgrades to the smallest and cheapest machine from Tronxy. ¿Have you installed a heated bed?, ¿Autolevel?

i am going to install a heated bed to it... But for now i had a lot to do with the firmware. the previous owner didn't know a lot about 3d printing i guess. But all Steps per mm were set way to low or way to high. He did it away because he said that it did not print well. Now it does.

if someone needs my Firmware file to load in the EEPROM from Repetier just let me know !



Jeez just realise how many respons i recieved on this message. Only it never recieved me because i have a new e-mail adres.

I dont know if i still have the firmware because the tronxy was my first 3D printer and now i have 2 tevo tarantula’s. How ever i still have my tronxy. Before you upload my firmware make sure you have a older version of Arduino IDE and make sure you have installed the sanguino expansion board. (Google Will find it)

I Will take a look if i can find it

Hi robin466, do you have the configuration.h file you could share so I could activate my heated bed?

any chance of the firmware please

Hello Robin466,

I have an Anycubic Kossel Delta Mini that works great, I got my son this Tronxy XY-100, but can't seem to get firmware to update/upload for the changes I want (Says "#error Oops! Make sure you have 'Sanguino' selected from the 'Tools -> Boards' menu.) I've looked in the menu and this isn't an option (Arduino IDE).

Am I missing something? I'd like to try your firmware edit if possible.

Thank you,

hi bud could i have a copy of the firmware please if still available

Hi Robin, I have built a heated bed and wired it up not realising that the firmware that the XY100 ships with doesn't enable it, even though the Melzi board supports it. If you have the configuration.h for the XY100 so I have the right configuration to begin with that would really help. Finding the right file online seems to be a bit of a minefield!

Robin, i could do with this I have flashed skynet on mine cause I got a sensor but had so much trouble, its putting it all back that I am having issues with what board to flash with things like that :(

I would print off that first. I kinda dont get point of autolevel, its easy to do it manually.

Tronxy x1 belt tensioner for Y axis

I remixed the y-axis belt tensioner below. Works very well.


Y-axis Belt Tension for STARTT (TronXY-100)
by Bkult3