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My control board fail the progam is not running , and need load the firmware , but not find the correct firmware for this

This is the firmware for marlin for the tronxy P802E https://github.com/erikkallen/Marlin_tronxy

Marlin 1.8 for an P802MA.

Pretty sure what his request refers to is the actual Melzi controller board as my board itself is silk screened MELZI 2.0 V5 TRONXY. Which Tronxy printer it's for is another question...

I obtained what appears to be version 1.6 Repetier but I have not verified or tested it. I have reprogrammed mine to Marlin and no longer play with Repetier to know if it's a good working version.

Appears to be for a P802E.

Excerpt from Configuration.h

define UI_PRINTER_NAME "P802E_8"

define UI_FIRWWARE_VERSION "P802E_8_V1.6"

define UI_PRINTER_COMPANY "Tronxy 3D Printer"

I can upload it to dropbox if that helps you. Compiles with Arduino 1.0.2 for Sanguino W/ ATmega1284p 16mhz without error. Hopefully your Melzi came with a bootloader on it unlike mine or else you will need to use an ISP and load it first. You're on your own here for any issues with the file since I haven't tried to use the file just grabbed it in the event I needed to go back after flashing Marlin.


Do a M502, this will reset to the factory defaults(Firmware defaults)