MKS Gen L V1.0 w/ 128x64 RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller

LCD12864 MKS MKS_Gen Tronxy_X3

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Hey Everyone. So I recently bought a new board for my X3 since my original Melzi fried. Bought it off eBay. I'm looking for the right firmware for this board so it will work for the X3, also been having a hard time getting anything to show up on the screen. Tried different configurations of Marlin to see if it would work for my printer. None of them have worked thus far. I need it so the Printer will work, Temperature readings are correct, and the screen will actually show something other than a white screen. I added pictures below to sorta show you what I'm working with. I'm at a loss on what to do and just need someone who knows whats going on. I don't know much about coding at this point. I wanna be able to use my printer again, been sitting here not being used. It would be greatly appreciated


Check the cables.

Recently with the display boards mailed out the cables crimped upside down.

Sort of hard to explain but if you follow the pin-outs it should make sense.

I already flipped those around. Idk if i was supposed to flip both of them or just one around.

just one side of the cable needs to be flipped. You need to shave off the tab so you can plug it in properly.

Both cables need to be flipped, but only one connector each of course.