TronXY X1 firmware

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Found this firmware (remake) on github

Downloaded and the only thing I tweaked on it was turning down the #define MAX_JERK 20 settings from 20 to 5, and made the initial name screen say X1 instead of X1 TRMN #define UI_PRINTER_NAME "X1 TMRMN"

Installed the Sanguino board from the link in his how to install

Compiled in Arduino IDE but told it to Export compiled Binary...it generated the .hex files
Used Octoprints firmware upload plugin to flash it to the board

Low and behold it updated...rebooted and came up without issue

Did a test print and it definitely changed how it sounds, but it printed a calimouse absolutely fine

I will include the .hex file here (In fact..I will zip up the repetier directory and include here as well)

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Found here at Thingiverse. It is in french ! but easy to change in configuration h. update tronxy x1 with heatbed by neo11110
Published on March 2, 2018

update tronxy x1 with heatbed

i have been trying to upload this firmware to my tronxy x1 and i keep getting the sync error. i have tried from both octoprint and from arduino ide. did you have to reset the board to get the firmware to upload successfully?

I believe I had to power it on and quickly hit upload...but it uploaded just fine to mine