Configuration.h for firmware Repetier

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I have a 3D-printer TronXY p802E with a motherboard Melzi V2_05. I am looking for a configuration.h file for the Repetier firmware.
Help me, please.

Chernykh986 is there a reason you chose to go repetier?? from the little knowledge ive acquired Im thinking marlin is the better option.... a bit like the old video tapes. VHS won out over beta-max not because it was the better standard but was the more prevalent so easier to get films tapes support etc. Marlin is extremely well supported. If Darranwilson has a working copy of marlin with relevant tweaks applied....Maybe worth a punt??. Ive a Tronxy X3A which Im rebuilding from scratch and im planning on marlin 1.1.9.....

I don't have a working repetier firmware but I got a working Marlin 1.1.9 I can send you.

Send or post to https://www.google.com/drive/ firmware, please.
Thanks in advance.