Game changer, Marlin firmware now available on Chitu boards!!

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I followed the instructions, but now the printer homes at 177,137,0 (the '0' is about 40mm above the bed). The leveling sensor doesn't trigger at all, and auto leveling probes 2-3 points & the z goes up a few mm after each attempt. What did I do wrong?

Hi, I'll definitely try it, I have an X5ST 2E is compatible? Is it possible to reinstall the Chitu too?

You will need to edit the configuration.h file to add the second extruder and associated settings, steps/mm offset etc, all can be found by saving your printers configuration using the gcode command.

As for reverting back to stock firmware it is possible, you just need to make sure you save your existing firmware before you flash the Marlin one so that you can reflash it if necessary.

I wasn't aware of the need to save my existing firmware, nor the ability to actually do it. From my current position, is there a way to put the tronxy firmware back on my printer? I have my firmware configuration file if that is the one I need.

I downloaded Marlin from the official website, copied the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files into Marlin's folder and opened it with Arduino ide. To compile it, which tab should I select? Now I have it on the .com and rightly gives me a connection error.
Another question, is the lcd screen configured?

Just work your way through the instructions, everything you need is in there, make sure its setup for your specific printer and control board.


You can now flash your firmware from the SD card.

Great, I installed it and used PlatformIO to compile it. I found a problem with double extruder printing, when it changes extruder it goes up on the z of 2mm, this happens with prusaslicer, while with Ideamaker it doesn't, I will do other tests.
Anyway the installation is really easy, congratulations.

Hi, how works marlin on x5st 2e? I have big problems with my x5st-500-2e with stock firmware...

Marlin with the double extruder only works well with the classic UI. The real problem with this printer is the hotend, I built one with 2 E3DV6 which also supports the mix and doesn't jam, unlike the original.

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