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Cura Settings for Great Prints

by Mentalist

I have been playing around with Cura for A while and have been making some excellent prints lately.
As you already know, Cura comes with 3 basic print settings. I found that the high quality print alway's failed to print the last top layer.
This is because the infill is set to a low value"20". I found a way to chage it to 25 and now i'm finnaly making perfect prints.
Theese are the settings i use:
go to Basic:


Layer height (mm) 0.06
Shell thickness (mm) 0.8
Enable retraction: yes


bottom/top thickness (mm) 0.6
Fill density(%) 25

Speed and Temperature

Print speed (mm/s) 50 (yes it takes a long time but it's worth it)


Depends on model ...

What settings do you use ?

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Decent pause gcode to place before desired pause layer

by DanTexasMan

Hello all!

I'm working on some gcode that I can insert before a specific layer in order to pause and change filament.
I don't like using Cura. I like using Simplify3D. I prefer it for many reasons that I won't go into now.
Has any experimented with inserting their own pause code? If so, please post your code.
This is what I have come up with so far.. it seems to work half-way decently.

G91; Set Coordinates to relative to last position
G1 E-6 F3600; retract
G1 Z30.0000 F9000; Move nozzle up 30mm to change filament
G1 X-50.000 F6000 ; Move to X 50
G90; Set Coordinates back to absolute to origin of machine
M104 S0; standby temp
M0; Pause


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Ultimaker2+ Upgrade Kit

by drato

Hey everyone,

I ordered my Ultimaker2+ Upgrade kit a month ago now. As soon as it arrives, I'm gonna post a little review of the kit here.

So far for my status: I ordered at IGo3D.com, which sadly now is the only provider in Germany for Ultimaker Parts, no more ordering via the Ultimaker Shop. In the beginning it was 1-2 weeks, after many lame excuses it went up to 2-4 weeks, now they state the kit as out of stock and I'm still waiting :( with no info at all about the status of my order. Let's see how this progresses.

So far the kit looks like a good improvement and also will come with axis rods and complete print head, inclusive cooling https://ultimaker.com/en/products/extrusion-upgrade-kit.

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UM2 printhead crashing frame

by geekazoid

Have you ever had the printhead crash against the frame during a build?

Mine did... I did not see it when it happened and I have no video footage. After it crashed it must have stopped and iirc the print-time went up to a few hours.

I know why it happened in my case. I inspected the g-code file in a text editor and it ended with binary gibberish. I still don't know exactly where the error occured. Did Cura write a corruped file, did I not eject the SC-Card and my OS settings corrupted the write...? I don't know.

Now I am a bit scared and keep checking the g-code files before ejecting the SD-Card. I read on other forums that this happened but didn't find reports of broken g-code files causing the problem (rather cabeling issues and such).

PS: No Ultimakers were harmed in the experiment. It crashed but it is totally fine. I can hear a click when moving the printhead to the left/back-most part in the printer. Are there switches to determine the zero,zero position?

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by Mentalist

Share you expierence!
Pro or con?

I stopt using ABS! PLA only for me.
I do miss the acetone finish treatment sometimes...

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