Do you own an Ultimaker Clone? Which vendor? Any likes/dislikes?

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Do you own an Ultimaker Clone? Which vendor? Any likes/dislikes?

I was unhappy with the Jenny Printer experience and decided to try a different clone Ultimaker.
This new printer was a EZ3DX EASY 3D Ultimaker 2+ clone printer from China. Receieved it in about 3 weeks and the printer was labeled Ultimaker and had Ultimaker labeled circuit boards that were very much like the boards in the original Ultimaker I have. I chose the standard height version but opted for my preferred filament size of 1.75mm for this kit.
The printer came very well packaged and was complete with all necessary parts. Assembly went uneventful and the quality, fit, and finish were excellent having all necessary parts and even the tools were in the kit.
Differences I found from my original Ultimaker 2 were:
The filament feeder was made of billet aluminum and worked better than the original with both filament push and pull features.
The hot end was a different design but still used and included the Olson block.
The build plate was a considerably stronger design.
The power supply was located under the unit so a typical power cord was used to connect directly to the printer.
The trapezoid nut was not brass but fiberglass reinforced plastic.
The firmware was labeled Gmaker.
Because I was giving this printer away as a gift to a friend I did not try loading Ultimaker firmware on this printer but I would think it would work fine on the Ultimaker boards. It may requiring some materiel flow adjustment to adapt to the feeders different gearing ratio.
Printing was as good as my Ultimaker 2 Extended. Calibration and the test print went very well and printed ABS and PLA as good as my original Ultimaker.
I truly enjoyed this build.
Should I need yet another Ultimaker printer I will order this printer again.

Thank you for that update and it looks like you got a very nice unit.. That matches the last two units I assembled and true that they also had the plastic trapezoidal nut. I really liked the extruder and feeder with your new unit. In fact I think that you may be able to print nylon with that setup since their is no TFE Peek in the pathway.
Nice job and the logos are a nice touch.

Hi DM,
I just received and built the UM2 clone from creatik store on Aliexpress. The all metal feeder is really good, probably better than the original one, built quality of the set is also good with alu pulleys. The only thing that I replaced was the trapezoidal nut that was made of plastic instead of brass. The extruder is unlike in the photo's an all metal type.

After some finetuning im planning to prepare the printer for polymax polycarbonate. Would an upgrade of the heater with the all metal head combined with an enclosed casing be sufficient or did you implement other changes in the design?

Where did you buy your printer? Link?

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Hello! And if we compare the technical characteristics of EZ3DX EASY 3D Ultimaker 2+ and Jannyprinter 4 Z370? What do you think is better?

I would say the EZ3DX It has a ultimaker labeled control board and an very good filament feeder. I have purchased two of the EZ printers and both were complete with excellent fit and finish. The EZ hot end is not standard but has worked very well. Bearings were of good quality and their power supply design seems to be very good.

Yeah, I got a EZ3DX clone that doesn't match the description. So just get cheap parts. Permanent hardware crashes. Dealer has also quickly deleted all his ads !! what to say about it

again, I wouldn't spend so much money in China again !! One does not know what one gets sent.

from this dealer : https://de.aliexpress.com/store/425625?spm=0.8937474.0.0.55122e0etNglrx

Just received a Jenny Printer today.
Some parts were missing, some parts were wrong.
I purchased this for a friend who is currently using my Ultimaker 2 (very early model). I feel that the clone is only a viable choice when you have an original available to use as a guide in calibration and maintenance.
That said this choice may be problematic since I did not get the trapezoid nut only the trapezoid stepper. Also the Z axis shafts were for the Ultimaker 2 Extended so they will need to be cut down to 13.33 inches or so. The X & Y stepper motor spacers were replaced by a bag of metal plates and stand off tubes which actually had missing and incorrect parts in there. That will not be an issue since I can print the Ultimaker 2 original spacers. And yes the filament feeder provided in their kit is not acceptable even the hobbled knob is not going to be good enough. For me the feeder is not an issue, I use my own feeder design so I can to print 1.75 TPU as well as ABS.

Completed the assembly of this printer with some parts ordered from fbrc8. Added my zero gap feeder and a small fan to cool the main board. In the end the only missing parts I received from Jennyresearch were the two stepper motor covers all the rest I either printed on my Ultimaker2 or purchased from fbrc8. The firmware provided with the printer works fine for my needs with Cura. I would say that had I not had a Ultimaker2 printer to guide on it would have been difficult to complete this build successfully.

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Hi ,

just ordered the SANJIU Z360 Dual Extruder version , hope i'll will have goog prints with it.
Jadames , do you have time to make some vidéos .
Any off you try the printer ?



Printer is good haven't had a issue with it, i have tried dual print yet or changed my firmware to ultimaker one, but its nice printer, some prints i had it printing over 30hrs straight.

Nice printer

Could you please share with me your Z360 and your Ultimaker firmware ?

Where did you get the Ultimaker firmware you used ?

I spoke with the explorergrapher @ TheExplorographer.com
He basically downloaded the latest version of CURA, connected to the printer via USB, and USB'ed the image right to the printer.
It downloads the latest firmware from Ultimaker automatically. He is currently running Dec 8, 2016 V_2.4ex Ultimaker 2 extended.

NOTE: On his SanjiuPrinter 3, He did have to invert his filament feeder(s) to get them to push the filament in the right direction. He has the single extrusion version.

Thanks for you answer .
I've finally finished to mount my printer , download and modify the Ultimaker firmware and all work fine.
Just need to find the correct setting in simplify 3D for printing small part without defect

Je ne suis pas à ma maison cette semaine. J'ai des vidéos mais je ne peux pas les télécharger maintenant. J'ai un problème avec mon ordinateur. Peut-être la semaine prochaine...

Je dois recevoir mon imprimante demain , as tu eu le temps de transférer tes vidéos et d'avancer sur ton manuel

Mate, I just ordered the SANJIU looking forward to getting it jadames have you had any nice prints with it yet whats the quality like, are you using the ultimaker firmware also.

I haven't printed with it yet because I'm working on a new assembly manual. I have tested all components though. I'm running it with the native firmware provided.

Thanks for getting back to me, When you say native do you mean Sanjiu or ultimaker native. i should have my printer this week or next week, will be interesting to see how well it goes.


By native, I mean Sanjiu native because it has a SANJIU splash screen when the printer boots up. I know of one person, TheExplorograpaher, who has modified the printer with Ultimaker firmware. I imagine his splash screen changed to Ultimaker but I'm not sure. He has a single nozzle Z360 version where I have dual extruders.

Cool i might see how it goes in the native, if not ill try the ultimaker native, they have told me it will work just need to change the gcode to support the dual extruder.

Thanks again for your help

Cheeko, have you uploaded the new Ultimaker firmware? If yes, what firmware are you using? I'm curious to know what changes you needed to make to support dual extrusion? Lastly do you have a JennyPrinter or a SanjiuPrinter Z360?

Yes i did upload it but have had not had a chance to get it working yet as said print out of area, ill play with it over weekend and i have SanjiuPrinter Z360 Dual running Simplify 3D, I guess you just need to put the offset for the other extruder, ill test it more tonight let you know. I probably didn't need to change firmware as i was getting good prints before.

I have tested all components without issue before assembling the printer. I've noticed that many ultimaker kits have their mainboard and controller boards wrapped in plastic bubble wrap not just SANJIU. I was concerned before but now that I've tested all the components, the concern was really unwarranted. It seems these components aren't aren't as sensitive/prone to ESD as in the past. I come from the military where ESD is taken very seriously. In my case, the electronics and other electrical components worked flawlessly. I've made and will be posting a video showing how to test the components prior to assembly.

At the bottom of the following link, you can see how this company packages all of their components in plastic bubble wrap. This is a very common practice and doesn't seem to cause problems. It definitely hasn't caused any issues with my Sanjiu.


SanjiuPrinter Z360

  1. Delta PS is #1 maker of power supplies
  2. Upgraded aluminum filament feeder hardware with dual gears. A big positive!
  3. Ultimaker 2.1.4 mainboard
  4. Painted underside parts, shows attention to detail
  5. Ultimaker heatbed with logo (hopefully the quality is like the original)
  6. Printed labels for wires, boxes, bags and screws
  7. All connectors are pre-crimped and ready to attach
  8. Corner pieces have vent slots like new Ultimaker 3
  9. The part fan assembly on the printhead is the newer version
  10. Better price


  1. Didn't use anti-static bags for electronic components! This is no longer a concern for me as I've tested my components without any issues.
  2. Corner parts were under sprayed and over sprayed and not done in a clean room. Quality Control is lacking for those painted parts.
  3. The printhead uses the older PT100 sensors that don't include fiberglass tubing all the way to the back of the heating block.
  4. Short spools holders that can only fit spools up to 70 mm wide. If you need longer spool holders let them know up front otherwise it will cost extra. Short spool holders are part of the UM2+ upgrade kit so it can be good or bad depending on your inventory of spools.

JennyPrinter Z360

  1. Mean Well Power Supply. Top quality PS used in the original UM2
  2. Removable and replaceable stepper drivers with 2 spares. They use their own proprietary mainboard not the original Ultimaker.
  3. Static bags used for all electronic components
  4. Longer spool holder, accommodates spools up to 90mm wide
  5. Corner pieces are better painted


  1. Proprietary mainboard with no specifications available
  2. Proprietary heatbed
  3. Old UM2 filament feeder mechanism which is known to be very problematic
  4. Dark tinted glass with grid marks (Several owners have complained that chunks of glass come off when removing prints). Very low quality. Recommend you place a PEI sheet on top of the glass to make it more durable.

Over all, I'm very happy with my purchase and the SanjiuPrinter representative has treated me well. Their products seem to be equal if not better than JennyPrinter. Hopefully, the fact that they didn't use static bags during shipment will not cause me any serious problems later such as premature component failure. Electronics are not cheap if they fail. The painted parts issue is easily resolved with a cheap can of white paint and a little time/care. I also received the wrong plug for my country so please be sure to specify what kind you need when ordering your printer.

In the near future, I will have videos on my YouTube channel discussing the Sanjiu 3D printer. I will upload my unboxing and other videos. I also have a Facebook community dedicated to Ultimaker Clones. Join me there too if you're interested.


which Version is your JennyPrinter?
Is it the new 2017 Version with Touchscreen?


I don't have the JennyPrinter, I opted to buy the SanjiuPrinter. My opinion of JennyPrinter comes strictly from others who have shared their JennyPrinter experiences with me. I'm no authority on JennyPrinter as I don't personally own one. I did a lot of research on both before selecting one over the other. Since models change so rapidly, (constant refinements by both companies), take my comments in stride. I feel I was getting better hardware and pricing with SanjiuPrinter so I decided on them.

Hi! I am thinking about buying SanjiuPrinter too. Did you compare JennyPrinter and SanjiuPrinter yourself? Did you upload videos about them and photos of print results?

Hi! great initiative starting this post :)
So, I also just ordered the Sanjiu Z360 with top cover and door plus the aluminium double drive feeder
I will receive mine in 12 days. Will be following this thread vigorously for your (hopefully soon) future updates.

Nice to have you onboard this group! One of my recent posts was the PROs and CONS of the SanjiuPrinter vs JennyPrinter. Unfortunately, it has gotten flagged. I think I will repost my comments again since it's still flagged to this day after 5 days. I'm not sure why it was flagged.

Where are you from, Spain, Portugal, USA, Mexico? When I ordered my printer, they didn't have the top cover like they do now. I do see that the face is different on the model with the door. This is probably so that it can support the weight of the door.

I did get the aluminum filament feeders, Z360 full height printer, the upgraded Power Supply, and the dual print nozzle.


I'm from Norway :)
yes they seme different in construction of the housing

Did you go the 1.75mm filament route or 3mm and what do you think is the best choise of filament diameter?
Could you please repost or pm me the pros/cons of the Sanjiu vs Jennyprinter?

Did you get 1.75mm or the 3mm filament system?

I went with the 1.75. Just like you, because of colour and filament availability

By the way, you're right about the last name Garcia is Spanish. My mother is half Spanish of origin, so not that common of a surname her in Norway ;-)

Did you get your printer yet Fred? I know the excitement is antogonizing.

yep printer received but all the rods were bendt and the pulleys were really bad :(

I would consider getting new hardened rods (6mm and 8mm) sourced locally. The ones from China are okay but just barely okay. I myself will look at replacing mine when they wear out. I'm already looking for a company here in the US that can give me very straight hardened rods in metric (US is Imperial based). When you say pulleys, are you talking about the 20/16 teeth gears. or the plastic parts with dry bushings? I ordered dry bushings from a different company to see if they were any better.

For me, I knew this wouldn't be the perfect printer at the price of 1/3 of an Ultimaker. My mindset was, can we make it as good for much less. That is the intent of this group. I did the same for an Anet A6, a Monoprice Select v2.1, and now I'm looking to do the same for an Ultimaker clone.

Do you think the parts are bad from the factory or damaged during shipping?

The rods were wll packed...
Pulleys are the geared stuff. i think it will be alot better to source out som good pulleys and rods from robotdigg.com ;)
They have great quality parts, and very cheap as well.
Just ordered complete double set of every rod, belt and pulleys from there.

I'm curious to know about your experience with robotdigg.com. If you're satisfied with their quality, please share your parts list and pricing. Reading about them, they still source their parts from China. They just try to broker the best of parts. I'd like to know if you would recommend them or not after your experience. Thanks for the referral.

I went with 1.75mm filament only because there is a lot more variety in colors and vendors. Garcia? Are you of Spanish/Portuguese decent? Sorry but I didn't expect Norway. Tell me Garcia is not a Norwegian name. I would go into shock over my own ignorance.

I will repost my list of PROS and CONS shortly.

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I have just ordered a SanjiuPrinter Z360 from Aliexpress. Please let me know if you're interested and I can get you a discount from Aliexpress' list price. I have connections with the owner. My intent is to do an uboxing, assembly video, and review of this printer in comparison to other similar printers. Stay tuned. Join this group and stay informed.

hello mate any videos and print quality ?

Sorry, I don't have any and I'm currently out of town for the next 2 weeks.