New feeder on my Jennyprinter Z360

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i have a Z360 printer (1.75mm version with dual feeder but i just use one) for about 10 month.
I printed a lot of pieces really different without big problems; i have a really awesome quality comparing with my old geetech G2s...
Now i wanted to update the feeder which make sometimes weak infill.
So i bought a geared feeder on ali (see photo)
I put it on my jennyprinter, inverted 2 wires of the motor to change rotation and i sended gcode to modify Esteps,
[Before modification:M92 X160.00 Y160.00 Z200.00 E514]
[After modification (gear ratio is 3:1)M92 X160.00 Y160.00 Z200.00 E1542, M500]
And my problem is during retractions; when my filament do retraction it goes really very sloooowly (about 5s for my 4.6mm retract)
In simplify 3D i adjusted my retract speed to 40mm/s (as before modifying my feeder)

Thoses slow retraction cause problems because plastic is flowing during this....

For info, i didn't chage any setings in Simplify3d after my feeder replacment.
When i try to extrude manualy with the maintenance menu all is good; plastic goes out when turning knob.

I can't understand my problem.... If you have an idea ??
Do i need to set the Edriver current or other thing ?