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Repair recommendations?

by FuzzySadist

Hi everyone, I have a basic Ultimaker 2, had it for a few years... a few months ago, it started binding when it tried to start up... I'm not confident enough to pull it apart and try to figure out the mechanics (which is why I bought a prebuilt in the first place)... any recommendation of repair services? I live in Washington state... any help figuring out how to fix my very expensive paperweight would be much appreciated :)

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Add:North PETG

by emce

Does anyone have experience with Add:North PETG printing on UM3? I am getting a lot of "boogers" when the printer goes from printing a flat surface to an extruding small object. I have tried to increse the retraction with out any succsess. If i print with lower temperature the problem decreases but then the layer addheason becomes poor.

Add:North PETG UM3
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Hot end cartridge heater voltage

by CBocka

Hello everyone,
I own an UMO+ and I am trying to figure out if the hot end heater is 12v or 24v, It seems so simple yet i havent been able to find the specs. please let me know.


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Layer adhesion issues

by CBocka

Hello Everyone,
So i recently started having this problem with my UMO+ and I've tried everything. The issue is my layer adhesion in the infill layers. The top and bottom layers are turning out perfect but once it starts printing the infill layers they just dont adhere to eachother. I've tried adjusting flow rate, feed rate, layer height, higher nozzle temps, but I'm stuck. The issue seems to be getting worse too, the parts I am printing are so weak in the center that the last one actually pulled in half when i was removing it from the print bed, and I was using very little force. I am having this problem with both PLA and CPE.

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UM2 part cooling Fans issues


Hi I'm having a few problems with my UM2 part cooling fans.

Most of the time they don't spin up during printing or when trying to adjust their speed using the front panel. Occasionally if you manually spin the fans they will spin slowly. It's as if they are not getting enough current.

I've checked the wires all the way back to the board for breaks and damage but they are all fine. When I put the multi-meter on to the fan output socket on the board I get 19v at a fan speed of 100% and 24v at a fan speed of 0% .

I don't think it is the fans them selves because when I put a 12v supply direct to the fans(individually) they both perform normally. I've got some replacements on order to try, just to confirm this is not the issue.

I suspect it might be an issue on the board.
I am just wondering what others are getting as an out put voltage on their UM2 So that I have some thing to compare mine to.

Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for you help.

UM2 UM2 part cooling fans
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