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Ultius pictures and results

by mformaker

HI dintid,

I am very interested in your Ultius/ Tantilus build.
Could you show results from it? There isn't much info about the printer. And before I build it I want to know what to expect.

Pictures and videos are highly needed.

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Ultius Master BOM

by DianusIndustrial

Hi, I was thinking of building a tantillus, then I found your remix the Ultius. I am really digging the improvements you have made. Right now I am trying to organize all the parts I need printed (I think I'm going to use http://www.thingiverse.com/leonal/about A3 case from here) as I want to be able to print MPCNC parts eventually.

Do you have a master list of all the printed parts currently used in your Ultius? I am guessing it's a mix of parts from several tantillus derivatives?

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How to and why change to Ultius build?

by dintid

Why did you change, or want to change away from Tantillus?
Also a place to ask about how to go about changing your printer.

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Why do you like your Ultius/Tantillus?

by dintid

Would be interesting to know why so many people are hooked on this small printer.

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