PETG Help.

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Hi Guys

Has anyone had any luck with PET?

I have spent the whole day experimenting with Bottle Strips, PET Flakes and PET Virgin Pellets.

I have tried larger nozzles all the way up to 2.0mm.

All that happens it the motor jams up and nothing prints. I have had to strip down the unit twice to unblock it.
If anyone has had any luck with this and could offer any advice, I would be very grateful.

What temps are you trying to extrude with? My typical settings for PET-G filament are between 235 & 250c.

Hi James

I have some progress with this. I am able to print with PET bottle strips now at 270-280c. I had to tweak my firmware to get up to those temps.

PET-g is another matter. The Glycol additive means it will print a lower temperatures.

Are you having much luck with PET?