Just purchased a V4

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Does anyone know how long I should expect to wait? There is no contact information on the website whatsoever (unless I'm just completely blind to it). I'm very excited to use the extruder, and this group puts me more at ease.

I purchased the whole setup (V4 on a Chiron with the feeder) on May 12. Somewhere it said the ETA is six weeks, hopefully just the V4 will show up to you faster than that!
Very excited as well! I have admin@mahor.xyz as their email address.

Well I did receive mine, and right on time. I wanted to get the feeder as well, but need drying capability. The quality is fantastic -- I can't wait to really get it going.

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Did you get it up and running yet?
I ordered a full setup - a Chiron, the V4, and the feeder. Unfortunately the V4 isn't fitting precisely on the rail, going to have to move one of the wheels so it's got less play. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YDr6Q45MiWKT3WYV9.

Upon taking apart the V4 a little way, I found that the spacer for the bottom wheel has an offset center hole, so the wheel spacing can be adjusted that way. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mK8NQj5WYHd6Z7eW8