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Useful print ever made?

by innomind

Hey everyone!

I just created this group and I want to introduce myself. My name is Renat, and I am a 3D-print maker. I have been using my Makerbox 2X since May 2013 and so far I am pretty happy with this machine. I was curious what you have created from scratch that you find useful in your daily life. To get the ball rolling, I am listing the things I designed and 3D-printed that I use daily.

Drybar Soap Holder 2
This soap holder does not let the soap soak in the water when not in use, preventing it to become mushy and therefore wasting soap.

Headset Holder
I use this heaset holder everyday and I am actually thinking about one day redesigning it to make it look like a rhino.

Door Slide Guide
This door slide is operational for almost a year for sliding doors at my brother's barber shop as well as his home closets.

I also have multiple hook designs holding up lots of heavy jackets, towels, handbags.

Aside from that, I designed shampoo/hair product holders for my brother's barber shop. This way there's only one holder that displays each product and the rest of the products are in the cabinet. This solved the issue of dust accumulating on shelves and products in the barber shop.

Would love to hear what you have created from scratch that you find useful in your daily life.

Thanks so much and welcome!!

Drybar Soap Holders
Headset Holder
Door Slide Guide
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