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Welcome - Further Sources Of Information About The Vector 3

by TafThorne

Welcome to the Vector 3 User group. This group is primarily for people who own or use a Vector 3 3D Printer. This printer was part of the 3D Create & Print magazine subscription run by Eaglemoss in the UK and Australia. The Vector 3 was designed by Sebastian Conran Associates.

Websites Related to The Vector 3

Official Printer Website: http://3dprinter-collection.com/
Official Twitter Account Related to the Vector 3 Printer: https://twitter.com/eaglemosstech/
Sebastian Conran Associates: http://sebastianconran.com/
Eaglemoss Website: https://www.eaglemoss.com/

Other Support and User Groups

Vector 3 User Community Website: http://v3uc.com/
Facebook Page of V3uc.com: https://www.facebook.com/3DCandP/
Vector 3 Users Facebook Group Website: Mere Mortals 3d Printing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033018040148621/


This group is in no way affiliated with any of the entities mentioned above, the details are just supplied as reference material.

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