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Suggestions for models in voronoi style

by roman_hegglin

What models or things would you like to see in voronoi style?
Please leave a comment and a link to the thing.

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How to make voronoi (with meshmixer)

by roman_hegglin

I like it how quick one can do a voronoi with this method! But the models are too synthetic IMHO and not "naturally grown" like i do my own models.
I will try to make some of my future models with this method first to see if it will look good in voronoi style.


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Voronoi with intact edges

by Sungod3k


Im looking for a method to keep the edge of for example a tube intact while applying voronoi. I tried in meshmixer and meshlab but it can only be applied to the hole model and not be limited. Any software that can do that?

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Printing in voronoi style

by MusicMan10

Do you need supports for printing in voronoi styyle?

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How to voronoi (with meshlab)

by Erikjuh

I found this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWSeZk2IqHg

Transcript (found in the youtube comments)

file -> import mesh

  • select and open mesh
    render -> render mode -> flat lines
    filters -> remeshing, simplification and reconstruction -> surface reconstruction VCG
  • change perc on -> 0.5
  • apply
  • close dialog
    show layers dialog
    delete imported mesh, leaving remeshed
    filters -> remeshing, simplification and reconstruction -> Subdivision Surfaces: Loop
  • change perc on -> 0.5
  • apply
  • close dialog
    filters -> Sampling -> Poission-disk Sampling
  • change number of samples -> 200, perc on -> 0.5
  • hit apply, check the output window and check the number of points created
  • adjust perc on and keep htting apply until the number of points created is ~150
  • delete any created meshes that aren't needed
    layers dialog
  • -> show points, alt zoom in/out to make the points more visible
    filters -> Sampling -> Voronoi Vertex Coloring
  • make sure the mesh selected is the VCG reconstructed mesh from above
  • make sure the vertex mesh is the Poisson-disk
  • enable preview
  • try enabling backdistance
  • apply, close
    filters -> selection -> select faces by vertex quality
  • enable preview
  • make it easier to see: render -> color -> none
  • set min quality -> 0
  • adjust max quality to get edges/lines that are pleasing
  • close dialog
    filters -> selection -> invert selection
  • apply
  • close
    filters -> selection -> delete selected faces and vertices
    filters -> smoothing, fairing and deformation -> laplacian smooth
  • keep hitting apply until mesh is to your liking
    filters -> remeshing, simplification and reconstruction -> uniform mesh resampling
  • enable multisample and absolute distance
  • precision perc on -> 0.5
  • offset perc on -> 52
  • apply
  • close
    filters -> smoothing, fairing and deformation -> taubin smooth
  • apply a couple of times, until you're happy with it
  • lambda ~0.75 seems to thin edges, mu ~ -0.75 seems to thicken them
  • note- these might change the shape of the object
  • close
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