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by ahmethasil

Where can I get the materials and measurements

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Where to download Firmware?

by dazzlesp


Just finished the Assembly, but have a problem with instructables firmware, when sent to "home position", the printer get stuck in Z axis.

Anyone with a firmware modified for the vulcanus? Both Repetier or Marlin will be welcome ;D

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Belts and Bearings question

by siggi60

Hello all,
can someone explain me how to assemble the Bearings to guide the Belt?
A picture wouldt be nice too :)

I'm trying to rebuild my V1 to V1.1 (Rework 2016) and now i stuck. Is it the same way like V1 but inside the idlers?
I'm curious how you solved that.

Best regards

BTW: Had someone integrated MABL into the V1.1 like Repetier FW offers (see also Sparkcube)?
I did it by the V1 and it wasn't bad, but now i'm too lazy to redraw all new Parts :/

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New Vulcanus Max 40 Build

by TiE_Shepherd

So I've been wanting to upgrade from my current makerfarm prusa i3 pretty much since the day I got it. It's a good printer and was a great learning tool, but I wanted something larger. I debated between several of the more popular core XY designs, but in the end came back to the Vulcanus Max. I started printing my parts in teal/cyan 3mm ABS and have gotten them mostly printed with a few small pieces to go. I'm getting some ordering done this week and hopefully can make a trip past McMaster Carr to pick up my extrusions soon.

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