Cura 2.6.0 (OSX version) with Duplicator 4S

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Hi everybody!

As I'm still learning that 3D printing world, I may need some help with Duplicator 4S and new Cura 2.6.0.
Have used my Duplicator i3 Plus without any problems and I can say that I'm still happy about restults with Cura.

Now got Duplicator 4S and ReplicatorG seems too old and a bit "hard to use" for me. Does Cura 2.6.0 which I run on my MacBook Pro has possibility to use my 4S as well? Maybe someone can share their settings and parameters for that sofware.

Printer has 7.2 firmwire installed at the moment, of course I try to update it to the last Sailfish.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry I use Simplify3D.

i gave up with cura and currently use simplify3d
upgrade at 7.7 sailfish and with a regular copy of simplify3d you'll have working 4s profiles

The Duplicator 4S uses an x3g. You can use a GPX converter like here


or install the GPX plugin if you use Octoprint. The GPX plugin converts the gcode on the fly.

GPX gcode to x3g converter