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Any idea what is causing this error on my Duplicator 4S?


Greetings Thomas

Sounds like a stepper motor driver has gone, faulty and it looks like x & y are moving but Z isn't. Try from the control panel to use jog mode on all 3 axes and you will see which is failing to move.

Stepper drivers are plugin modules so can be changed easily, an example to but is here:

Thank you :) problem was that in jog mode, i didn't always get the error. But in the end i did, so thanks, i got it fixed replacing a cable til the X axis motor. :-)

Had this problem a couple of months ago. Had to change the cable to the motherboard. It's a pain in the ass, and I had to do both the power and data cables, since one failed right after the other.

Yes, it was the cable to the X axis. One of the four wires was broken, and i just replaced the broken one, and it prints better now i think.
It was kindda loud before, both with the bad noise the x stepper made, but also the "Data talk" sound is much lower now.

Thanks! :-)

Greetings Thomas