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Formlabs Resin on D7

by JGMaker

Hi, I'm interested on buying some D7 3D printers and I really love the specs of the Formlabs resins, so, what I want to know is if someone had tested those resins on the D7. I have read that the UV light of the D7 has the same wavelenght as the resins from FormLabs need to work, but I haven't seen a video or post about that.

Formlabs resin Wanhao_Duplicator_D7
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New to DLP printing

by SebTheis


I am thinking about buying a D7 1.4 soon. Could you share some experience to understand advantages/drawbacks of this machine and DLP printing vs FDM (which is what I have now)
My wish is to improve printing quality and surface finish of my parts, print smaller parts and details (for wargame figures)


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