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Is there a way to have the part cooling fan turn on and off?

by GetaHobbie

As far as I can tell the hot end fan turns on with the power switch and goes full speed till I switch it back off. I'm used to my other printer that starts up the fan once the hotend reaches 65-70c and turns it off once it cools down.

There's a chance that I have the fan plugged into the wrong port. Ideas?

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First layer not sticking

by eramirez4

I am having trouble with the first layer not sticking and am unable to get any prints be cause of this. I have level my bed and use both painters tape and stick glue, any suggestions? What settings do u have on powerspec cura?

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Want to replace your fans? Watch out, they are 24V!

by peter47_a

If you want somewhat quieter fans make sure you don't get any 12V. I chose SUNON KDE2404PFV2-11AB (40x40x10mm 24V= 11,9m³/h 5800RPM) for both the hotend cooling and board / power supply inside the base. So far they have been working great, however the noise is still coming from the fan in the base. I got rid of the washer though and replaced them with a small printed standoff so the fan won't touch the case.

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by tjmackmer

Hey Guys,

Just got this thing up and running and am pretty impressed with it considering I snagged off Ebay for $99 bucks. I was wondering if anyone has a stl for the extruder arm? I have heard a few complaints about it breaking and would like to print a few backups.


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My Wanhao Duplicator I3 Mini Review

by Mcknight

Hey there,

I've had a the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Mini for a week, all in all its quite a good printer. I have found a few issues with it (Mainly with the part cooling fan), So i've written up a review, if anyone would be interested the link is:


I've added a list of mods, I'd like to make.

Anyway if any of your guys have any thoughts / suggestions, I would be very interested :)

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