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HELP: suddenly started printing from wrong place on y axis

by stevenhall4

My 3D printer has started printing on wrong place on y axis AND also stretches the models on y axis. As these models used to print fine, I am guessing it is something to do with the hardware or firmware. I have done factory reset and flashed the firmware, but no joy:(

Any ideas?

Image of print attached., also the paper indicates where it moves to first when I do levelling process.

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Improve quality

by Puffymania

Eanyone got eany ideas on how to improve quality of print.
0.4 nozzle
Original parts.
0.2 layer heights.

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Auto bed Leveling problem.

by Puffymania

Ok i have got a wired problem with auto bed leveling,
When i level the bed manually i can easily get a good even first layer, but when i try to use auto bed leveling the sensor senses heights differences that apparently isn't there and start at one side with perfect layer height then prints across the plate while slowly raising and lowering the nozzle giving a really uneven first layer. Any ideas what could cause that?My printer is an Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus MK2 with inductive sensor.

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PTFE Tube Length?

by TWW411

I need to replace the PTFE tube and hoping someone can give me guidance on the length...
Should the tube be cut long enough so that when the nozzle is being tightened onto the hot end, the PTFE tube "bottoms-out" against the nozzle, and that's what prevents further tightening? Or is there supposed to be a metal-metal seal of the nozzle with the hot end and the PTFE tube is slightly shorter than the space it occupies?

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Estep's off by about 50%. Is my hardware on drugs?

by divreig

Just upgrade my board to MKS gen 1.4, running Marlin 1.119, and everything seems okay but my estep's for extruder is off by almost 50%. As per various calculators and other posts should be around 100 steps. But it's over extruding to a ridiculous level. With calibration done estep's are down to 56.47. That just seems too far off the mark. Wondering if anyone else has had such a variation and if this may be an indication of other issues.

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