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Print Bed heat fluctuations.

by piegod360

My print beds heat is jumping around everywhere according to the lcd screen. Sometimes +/- a few degrees to +/- 10 to 12 degrees. Then shows 0 degrees at times. This seems to be making my prints pop off the bed alot. Several failed prints here recently with just plain PLA filament. Any help would be appreciated.... I'm trying to find stuff over google but I'm not finding a lot.

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Prints sticks very hard to the bed

by codename85

Hi and greetings from Norway :)

I'm having trouble with my prints sticking way to much on the bed, fearing that i may ruin the printer bed because of all the work of getting the print off.
standard settings on my i3 plus with Cura, printing PLA.
Anything that can be done?
Wondering about fitting a glass bed instead but unsure how it works with heated bed?

glassbed I3plus printbed sticking Wanhao
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New group/extended group

by twister307

I have created another group for us. It is called Chinese 3d printers. It is ment for all the wanhao's and any other 3d printer from china, including diy kits

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What auto level sensor should I get

by twister307

Hey guys, I have decided I want to get a auto bed leveling sensor for my printer, witch one is the best and how do I install it with cura. I have tried to do research but I couldn't find anything for the wanhao only the prusa and anet

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Print Quality Doctor

by inspectorgadget

Is there a thread where the group helps diagnose print quality issues? I have a repeatable quality issue on of edge deformation that looks like an obstruction to the X or Y axis. I adjusted print speed lower to see of print would be more accurate but the deformation is exactly the same.

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