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Wanhao i3

by Lucan07

Just had my Wanhao i3 delivered got a deal 3d Printer with 6x1kg rolls of PLA and 1 roll NinjaFlex and spent less than £400 3d Printing can't get much cheaper than that and it was pre built not a kit just 6 machine screws and a bed to level. First print off the micro card and surprised by the quality, its PLA but so much better than my Da Vinci 2.0a with ABS haven't run any PLA through that yet but intend to do so with same file to compare. Also without a case I was wondering about the noise factor but so much quieter than the Da Vinci too. Whats your opinion on this printer and any tips for a new user already added a class bed, photo frame had glass removed and cut to fit bed.

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