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ogor/ogre kingdom models?

by jim-said-slim

hello just checking if anyone know of any ogre kingdom/ogor aos models available anywhere?

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Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut Or Kytan :)

by moonraven1

Hey everyone, I was hoping if there are any STL files of (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut) it will be much appreciated.

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Our Gothic City KICKSTARTER will go LIVE in a couple of weeks!

by rocketpiggames

Perfect for Mordheim!

Please follow us on Facebook and/or Kickstarter itself to get the heads up and an early bird pledge!

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Anyone seen a 3d model of the plague cart from Mordheim ?

by jeremycobert

Just hoping someone has made or seen a stl of a cart similar to the official plague cart like this https://imgur.com/YmxpukG

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Azyrite ruins measures

by Gynovin


I´ve modelled some azyrite ruins. I need the real measures prior to upload them. Can someone take a picture of a ruler next to a real ruin in order to make the correct scale?


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