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Ogre butcher

by ertman176

Hi, does anybody has good proxy that fits gw ogre army ? Btw. maybe someone has ogre torso stl ?

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Eamann Ghasemy skaven

by modj

Hi there,
does anyone have the files that were taken down at all please as a harddrive failure caused me to lose mine :-(,
if someone could send me them it would be much appreciated.

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Maw Krusha Proxy

by Sataniksantah

Anybody know a good MawKrusha Proxy? I would appreciate it.

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Idoneth Deepkin models

by Korvis

Are there any related models anywhere?

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Looking for Daughters of khaine

by AdmiralCrow

GF is interested in trying out WarCry, and she likes the look of the models so looking for anything she can use and paint to get her into the hobby. Thanks for the help! :D

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