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Looking for Vampire Counts & Bretonnian cavalry

by RedmoreTrout

My brother and I are getting into Warhammer Fantasy, but it is not as easy to find models as I had originally anticipated. Peasants and bowmen are easy enough, as are zombies, ghouls and bat monsters. However, I'm having a hard time finding cavalry that looks badass enough. I'm looking for Grail Knights (warhorses with flowing caparisons) & Blood Knights.

Although I'd be interested in any vampire or bretonnian models really. Send me a PM if you have any a suggestion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Looking for human models with crossbows and fenix elves

by Loyal2Celestia

I plan to enter AOS and I want to do an army of multiracial cities, I will use Cadians as handgunners but I don't have the other models. Thanks in advance

Age_of_sigmar miniatures
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Looking for Empire miniatures (Handgunners, War Wagons, etc etc)


I'm looking to make a good Empire army, but most models I've been able to find with the right "feel" have been either in the horrendous HeroQuest style or low-poly. Anyone has some good ones?

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Looking for Bloodcrushers or the mount

by Dzombie96

Hi im looking for Bloodcrusher models or the rhino mount

chaos warhammer warhammer_fantasy
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Does anyone have some good death guard midels

by pixelsniper89

Looking for good death guard models, have only found about 2.

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