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Idoneth Deepkin models

by Korvis

Are there any related models anywhere?

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Looking for Daughters of khaine

by AdmiralCrow

GF is interested in trying out WarCry, and she likes the look of the models so looking for anything she can use and paint to get her into the hobby. Thanks for the help! :D

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Looking for Tomb Kings bits and terrain, will Tip!

by Akroma666

Looking for Tomb King bits such as the heads, weapons, shields, standards, and staves. I am trying to kitbash Ossiarch Bonereapers into more of a Tomb Kings style and I hate their heads. Ideally something that matches the Total War Warhammer style would be best. Also looking for scatter terrain such as a Casket of Souls, obelisks, or anything that really sells that desert Tomb King feel.

ageofsigmar tombkings warhammer warhammerfantasy
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Looking for Vampire Counts & Bretonnian cavalry

by RedmoreTrout

My brother and I are getting into Warhammer Fantasy, but it is not as easy to find models as I had originally anticipated. Peasants and bowmen are easy enough, as are zombies, ghouls and bat monsters. However, I'm having a hard time finding cavalry that looks badass enough. I'm looking for Grail Knights (warhorses with flowing caparisons) & Blood Knights.

Although I'd be interested in any vampire or bretonnian models really. Send me a PM if you have any a suggestion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Children of Chaos

by CFranks101

Looking for some Beastmen, and can't seem to locate any. If anyone has any or leads it would be appreciated

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