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Hey im looking at buying some wpl truck and modding it. I like the b-24 but am open to other choices my questions are does anyone have a recommended truck and are there any cool mods for it.

WPL or any of the similar makes are not true bolt on mods like Axial or Traxxas, etc. Upgrading requires more modeling and custom fabrication skill, and tweeking, because of the higher tolerances to get the price point down. Goods bones starts with a good metal kit, then you can mess with different bodies. The metal kits give you a lot a bang for the buck.

Well im now kind of looking at buggys that can do a bit of crawling too because i want it to be mulipurpose...
i Know i ask a ton but just want to know:)

I've got the B16, B36, & Q60. None are fantastic in stock form. Decent, but not super. There's hundreds of mods for all of them and all similar variants. Wheels, tires, drive train, shocks, electronics, etc etc. After a few upgrades, they're all lots of fun.

how well do they do? i am open to other cars besides wpl

in stock form they arent great, not horrible but not that good either, the ones i had have been Kits because i dont care for the low quality electronic that comes with the RTR, on the other hand i have never built one up completely stock and tried it out, the ones i made has been very customized from the start, but thats what i like about them, they are cheap shit so you can do shat ever you want with them without feeling bad for it. i recently bought the ones that looks like the us army reo m35 and the ural 6x6, havent put electronics in them but they look great on my desk, the Ural is going to be a log truck and the reo i dont know yet, i made a rocket battery for it but i dont know. b-24 is nice too, i wanted to build one like a fire truck but then i stole the frame for my suzuki build so i might get another one at some point. i also had a c14 but i never built that one either i just ended up stealing parts of it fro other builds.

If you have a printer, you could print your model. I have one from MrCrankyface. I made it 4x4 instead of 6x6

3D Printed Rc Truck V4