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Random Folders when using XYZ Print

by WeedStone

Hello I have a problem when I use the XYZ program I get random folders created in either the .STL files folder or in the program folder it self (see picture).
Can it be stopped or are there any other program that will work with XYZ Mini w?


folders letters random XYZ_Da_Vinci
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Palette 2 and Palette 2 PRO

by Paliuska

Hi! Maybe anybody tried new Palette 2/PRO with Da vinci printers, and can share some experience? Also actual question is how about using palette 2 with ABS, Palette 2 producers about ABS have not so much information, but maybe some one have some practice with ABS?

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Printing Issues - Davinci Jr 1.0 Pro

by lksmith

I've posted this question in other Davinci groups as well, to hopefully get an answer

Several months ago, I acquired the above printer to compliment my Anet A8. The first dozen or so prints this thing was AWESOME, pretty much Plug, select model, and play. Then all of a sudden it started going south. First started getting layer shifting, calibrated, did a small test print and it worked. Then went to do a full print and the problem came back with a vengence. Started shifting, extruding in different areas, globbing, getting stuck and then encasing the head in plastic. Cleaned everything up carefully, cleaned the nozzle, feed path, etc. Then tried and the same thing happened.Pulled out a few feet of filament to make sure it wasn't just a bad piece, with no help.

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DaVinci 1.0a losing position/not working? Error 30 sometimes

by sean-mcc

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was printing some objects just fine - with stock davinci firmware. I then tried printing with a flashed cartridge setup for PLA and I inserted PLA filament. The prints did not work and nothing extruded. I then switched back to ABS after removing all of the clogged filament... I just wanted to do a quick 3dBenchy test to see if all was still ok.

I started the print and I hear a dreadful clacking noise that was the extruder running into the chassis - though this has never happened to me, I thought it could have just been a bug. I restarted the printer and got Error 0030 - initialization error. I repeated startup several times, moving the extruder to different positions and every time I got the same startup error. Finally, after about 5 attempts, it started up as normal. I selected the calibrate bed because I thought it was not level.

The bed heated up, went over the dripbox attempting to clean the head, and ran into the chassis again. I am very frustrated right now. What should I do?

Any help is appreciated,

1.0a davinci
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How to remove/replace Teflon tube?

by TheCheeseMan

I currently have an issue where my filament is getting stuck in the extruder, and I believe it is because of a damaged teflon tube. I am trying to replace the tube but am stuck because I cannot access the end of the extruder tube that I need to replace the teflon. I have tried to remove the nozzle from the end of the tube but I have had no luck doing so. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me (I own a DaVinci.jr 1.0).

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