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How to remove/replace Teflon tube?

by TheCheeseMan

I currently have an issue where my filament is getting stuck in the extruder, and I believe it is because of a damaged teflon tube. I am trying to replace the tube but am stuck because I cannot access the end of the extruder tube that I need to replace the teflon. I have tried to remove the nozzle from the end of the tube but I have had no luck doing so. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me (I own a DaVinci.jr 1.0).

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Stringing on bowden Davinci 1.0

by Daversity

Can someone explain how this is even possible...? It seems as though I have really bad stringing but only between 2 of the posts....

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Repetier issues

by masonhorse2002

Hi all,

I just flashed my firmware to repetier on my 1.0a. Problem is my extruder is not heating up. I'm getting no power from the board. Any way to determine if this is a firmware issue or a board issue? I bought the printer with a clogged nozzle, so the board is definitely in the cards as that could have been why it was "clogged" all along. I didn't check it before I flashed repetier which I'm now regretting.

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0040 error

by ambro666

has anyone had this and what was your solution? I already removed my sd card and reseated it and still getting the error. these are the files on the card.

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Technically wrong xyz group but had most members. Question

by ebp921

Im running the mini w+ I had a massive jam in my nozzle to the point I had to tear down the extruder. Now when I was unplugging all the wires i unplugged the heat wires? (I’m new to 3D printing but have worked in IT and repairing electronics for years) the female plug on the board literally fell off. I could probably solder it back on but the points on the board aren’t that clear. Any suggestions on how I can run the heat wires until I can get around To trying to fix it and if I can’t fix it. I see that xyz has a killer deal (sarcasm) on a whole new extruder. But I can’t seem to get enough information to see it then board is in that extruder or if it’s technically a different part. Welcome to show pictures if anyone is interested and any help would be greatly appreciated.

When I first got the printer before I got the open filament chip I was like idknwhy people crap on these guys so much yeah little extra for open filament but I’ve come to notice a lot of proprietary parts in these machines.

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