DaVinci 1.0a losing position/not working? Error 30 sometimes

1.0a davinci

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was printing some objects just fine - with stock davinci firmware. I then tried printing with a flashed cartridge setup for PLA and I inserted PLA filament. The prints did not work and nothing extruded. I then switched back to ABS after removing all of the clogged filament... I just wanted to do a quick 3dBenchy test to see if all was still ok.

I started the print and I hear a dreadful clacking noise that was the extruder running into the chassis - though this has never happened to me, I thought it could have just been a bug. I restarted the printer and got Error 0030 - initialization error. I repeated startup several times, moving the extruder to different positions and every time I got the same startup error. Finally, after about 5 attempts, it started up as normal. I selected the calibrate bed because I thought it was not level.

The bed heated up, went over the dripbox attempting to clean the head, and ran into the chassis again. I am very frustrated right now. What should I do?

Any help is appreciated,

bad wire in X axis. wires
its the wires inside on the right side

0030 Printer motor Error(X-Axis)

Yes have found the problem, thank you

what did you find?