Palette 2 and Palette 2 PRO

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Hi! Maybe anybody tried new Palette 2/PRO with Da vinci printers, and can share some experience? Also actual question is how about using palette 2 with ABS, Palette 2 producers about ABS have not so much information, but maybe some one have some practice with ABS?

The compatible printer worksheet is located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19H4nsfWPXpgsz5KKKTznuCvu3tQpdWUdkOr2NAvTC4g/edit#gid=0

Simplify3D is required to use the Palette2/Pro and does not specify if the filament must be 3rd party or if the OEM is compatible. Based on how the filament feeds in from the bottom it might not work well pulling from the OEM filament cartridge; but the refill on a standard spool might work. I have pushed Sunlu, Amazon, MG Chemical, ColorMe and other ABS filaments since the XYZ is too expensive and not that great.

IMHO, change the OEM hotend out with an E3D Lite6 and Capricorn TL tubing all the way down to the nozzle. The performance is much better and when/if a clog occurs replacement OEM or third-party nozzles are available from many sources.

Compatible filament materials are listed here: http://mm3d.co/mm