Random Folders when using XYZ Print

folders letters random XYZ_Da_Vinci

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Hello I have a problem when I use the XYZ program I get random folders created in either the .STL files folder or in the program folder it self (see picture).
Can it be stopped or are there any other program that will work with XYZ Mini w?


Hmm. That seems odd indeed. It could be that those are 'normal' temp folders but I've never seen that behavior with my classic DaVinvi 1.0 or the XYZ software. Please check your antivirus for updates and also maybe try setting the afflicted folders to ReadOnly then review any errors thrown when slicing. Just another reason to absolutely hate & shun closed source & proprietary hardware/software.

Good Luck

Thanks for the respond, Anti Virus is up-to-date and found nothing so that's good. Will try the read only trick, why I did not think of that I do not know.
Yes closed source can be a pain in many areas.
Again thanks!

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