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Printing Issues - Davinci Jr 1.0 Pro

by lksmith

Several months ago, I acquired the above printer to compliment my Anet A8. The first dozen or so prints this thing was AWESOME, pretty much Plug, select model, and play. Then all of a sudden it started going south. First started getting layer shifting, calibrated, did a small test print and it worked. Then went to do a full print and the problem came back with a vengence. Started shifting, extruding in different areas, globbing, getting stuck and then encasing the head in plastic. Cleaned everything up carefully, cleaned the nozzle, feed path, etc. Then tried and the same thing happened.Pulled out a few feet of filament to make sure it wasn't just a bad piece, with no help.
This is all on literally the same roll of plastic that was working perfectly. I am totally stumped. The printer is in a climate controlled area, on a very heavy/sturdy desk. It is the only thing plugged into the outlet, and that outled is the only one in use on that electrical circut.
Any Ideas?

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XYZ Da vinci jr 1.0 sputtering.

by RyanideTech

Recently during some of my more complex printing jobs my printer has been sputtering or making a loud banging sound repeatedly as it prints, since this began happening more and more of my prints have been failing around half way through. Has any one else been experiencing this problem and if so, what steps could be taken to fix it?

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How do I Flash the Filament Chip?

by YaBoiYoyo

I've been searching for days and can't find how to flash the filament chip so I can use 3rd party filaments. How would I?

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NFC RESET, NON-xyz Software and MODS

by renemain

Will be posting sources and diy info for free -- There are steps to reset the NFC chips. As well as how to use other software to make .3w files. /install ramps, open source firmware, etc.

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by wafflepancakes2335

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the Davinci Jr ?

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