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Need 3D STL file for X idler bushing (rearmost bushing)

by monkeyman40

Does anyone have or can make an STL file for the rear bushing of the X-Axis idler? Mine broke and I called XYZPrinting about it and they responded by stating that they were pulling all 4 of my product warranties and blacklisting me unless I paid to ship it back to them by FedEx overnight with $699.99 of insurance (at a cost of $961.40). The printer did not cost me that much! Worst, I am physically handicapped and boxing and carrying 65 pound down 2 flights of stairs, into the back of my wagon then through a turnsile which is too small for it to pass through (FedEx Chicopee MA, USA). I really need to print a replacement but no such file is available.
Thank you for the help and assistance - David

Photo of broken part: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ppZ91UnHJbh1MEuo1

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spare parts for Davinci Duo 2.0A

by Glassman33

my Davinci has recently broken a couple of wires from the left extruder at the bottom due to keep removing it to clean the filament drive wheels. I took it to a shop for repair and after 2 weeks was told that they couldn'tget hold of any spares for the particular job. I read omline that this is a problem all over the mworld and some dealers have refused to sell the printers. Is there anyone out there that knows where iI can get some spare parts from. Thanks in anticipation Quassi

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Extruder 1 not heating

by DavrosJr55

Hi - only had a duo for a few months and find this machine very frustrating compared to my Da Vinci Pro printers.

But this morning, I turn the machine on to clean yet another failed print off the hot end. Extruder 2 heats up fine... Extruder 1 never above 20C. I checked the thermistor using a heat source and the temperature sensor is indeed working - it warms up as the nozzle is heated. I also applied 12V to the element in nozzle 1... it got hot.

Are there fuses for the heater 12V feeds? Obviously the machine is not getting 12V to heater 1

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Interesting side effect of using Simplify3D on my Da Vinci 2.0A

by Lucan07

I have just acquired my 2.0A and was unimpressed by the XYZware so purchased Simplify3D a side effect of the software on my printer is that prints through S3D no longer register on the cartridge Eprom not just one cartridge tried a few to check. The right hand cartridge counts down as normal but the left does not change allowing me to run any filament from an external spool (Not refilling cartridges because there will be no warning at the end of the spool). I cannot say if this is going to be the same on every Da Vinci 2.0a machine but the ability to use cheaper filament is certainly a bonus for me and will save the added expense of purchasing the software in no time at all, if any of you are running this software it may be worth checking machine info on your cartridges to see if usage is logging. If this is a fault with my machine I can certainly live with it and welcome it, if it is the same on all machines everyone can benefit from the freedom to use whatever filament they like without messing with firmware or chip resetters.

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Trouble with ABS

by Hully

I have tried to calibrate my machine best I can using the one of paper method and have a buildtak surface on the bed however I'm still unable to get perfect prints . Sometimes the first layers stick well and others not. I have a lot of trouble with warping though any help would be great as I'm just starting out thanks.

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