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looking for someone who can sculpt in 3D

by Ajaxslasher

i want chucky's head sculpting it a very simple head, but i don't have the skill set to do it myself. P.m for picture and my email address.

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Are there any Commission Options from sculptors?

by Dusk_Watch

Just a set of general questions regarding if anyone is willing to do some digital sculptures on a commission basis.

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Custom Deadpool , Domino, and Lady Deadpool Models in the works

by 3Dmaster73

I Am Working on 3 Models. (Custom Deadpool) <---Done ( Custom Lady Deadpool) , and (Domino). all 3 will be of high detail and will be ready soon. i have already mailed a Custom 3d printed Deadpool to Ryan Reynolds and got it Autographed and i want to share my work with Thingiverse Exclusively..

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What's your preferred nozzle size?


When you print your models what is the best overall nozzle and material? I wanna know what people have been using.

I use a .4 nozzle at .09 layer heights for my sculpts.

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