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by Alfonmc

we say hello to everybody, feel free to post your favourite 3D zelda things, if you have a request, we will see if it's possible to get the 3D and print it! Have fun!

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Skyward Sword Goddess Shield

by oh_grapes

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has either made, or come across a Goddess Shield from Skyward Sword.



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Wind waker

by erikb_fpv

Hey really new to printing and my designs aren't exactly coming out pretty. Was wondering if someone had the time, if they could design a file for the chuchu monsters from the wind waker game! Would be a fun colorful print to make. If it could be made so that the eyes can be printed separately.

Legend_of_Zelda thelegendofzelda Zelda
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Join my group

by kidebo

Random but cool stuff

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Midna Model?

by rebeltaz

I don't suppose anyone has ever come across a good model of Midna from Twilight Princess in "imp" form? I found a 3d video game model online at ZeldaCapital, but I have less than zero experience with Blender and apparently that is the one software package that I just cannot grasp!

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