Gerudo symbol?

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Hi all! I've read about importing fonts into Tinkercad (only creator I've used so far, but open to suggestions!), but can't seem to get it to work! I'd really love a pendant with the Gerudo symbol on it and any help with either importing or a creation is most appreciated! Thanks!

I know this is an old post and likely you've made your own by now, but fyi I just uploaded two styles of Gerudo Pendant

Legend of Zelda Gerudo Pendant
by West3DP
LoZ Gerudo Charm / Earrings
by West3DP

Fantastic! I actually haven't gotten around to it! Thanks heaps!

I've used OpenSCAD as well... it'll let you create 3D objects from Google fonts...

The free version of Sketchup has simple tool to make font into 3d models. It uses all the fonts your pc recognises. Where did you get this Gerudo font?

Great! Thank you! I believe I got it from a Zelda Universe! https://zeldauniverse.net/media/fonts/

Youre welcome, it is not much of a solution to your direct problem of not getting it to work in Tinkercad (never used it) but I guess you can import it after making it in Sketchup. The tool is called '3D Text' and it's in the 'Tool' Menu.

If you need any help with Sketchup let me know. I prefer it over any other program I have used so far because I can easily modify any line. 123D is too much hassle.

Awesome! I'll have a go at it later this week!

Another tip I can give you if it doesnt work out the way you want it to. Cura has an option to turn jpg's or other image files sort of into 3d models. Get a high quality image else it will turn out pretty bad though.

Wow! I want to try so many things! Thanks again!

Don't mention it! Programs like Meshmixer have a great tool to smooth out blocky models if you do get a somewhat bad result in Cura, either by hand or the whole model in one go.