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calibration issues

by Bc320

Ben Carlson bcarlson320@gmail.com
7:13 PM (19 minutes ago)
to Lykle

I got my nimble installed and have the below things set up.
Voltage to E0 steper driver set to 0.56 (couldn't get lower)
Microsteps set in firmware to 1/4. Per the manufacture it should work.
Esteps set to 600.

Here is where I am running into issues. I am trying to calibrate my extruder. I measure 100 mm, send G1 E50 F300. This should give me 50mm. instead I get about 10mm. When I do the math it gives me 3000. I entered 3000 and something went wrong. The nimble did not extrude but did buzz a lot. Kind of stuck here. any suggestions?

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by ZestyTech

Do you have any requests?
Little things that need to be designed for or with the Nimble. Anything that you think will add to how easy the Nimble already is?
For instance, the small clips to hold the drive cable and the hot end wires together.

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